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On the surface, customer interaction platforms are seemingly the way of the future for consumer engagement. Comparing any two such platforms would seem easy as both would most likely offer the basics of what such platforms provide.

Podium and the omnichannel digital engagement platform Botsplash may fall into that category of comparison. On the surface, both software platforms offer a way for consumers to engage with businesses. On the one hand, there is Podium, a customer interaction platform that utilizes text messaging to help companies manage customer relationships and build an online reputation on various websites. On the other hand, there is Botsplash, a hybrid automated-live chat solution designed to help businesses in real estate, pharmaceutical, retail, mortgage, and automobile sales industries engage with customers with various digital channels such as web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and more.

The table below illustrates the technical capacities between Podium and Botsplash. As can be seen from the table, Botsplash offers many features and capabilities that provide a more comprehensive and robust consumer engagement experience - for both the platform users and customers.

Which is right for your business?
Live Chat features
A/B Text SMS Messages
ACH Payment Processing
Activity Dashboard and Tracking
Appointment Scheduling
Authenticated Web Chat
Automation/Bot Mode
Call Forwarding
SMS Campaign Management
Canned Messages
Chat Theme and Animation
Compliance Management and Audit Logs + TCPA Management
Custom Domains + Short URLs
Custom Reports + Reporting/Analytics
Data Security
Electronic Payments
Electronic Signature
Live Chat
Review Management
Scheduled Text Send
Single Sign-On
Social Sharing
Spanish Chat Translate
TCPA Compliance
Third-Party + CRM Integrations
Video and Screen Sharing

With Podium and Botsplash, customer interaction for their clients must equate to greater lead conversions. Podium had seen its backend exposed when its clients found that SMS review requests were no longer being received. Auto-generated review requests would be created out of Podium but never end up in leads’ inboxes, thereby invalidating the customer interaction. The Botsplash platform, through their live agent representatives, ensures that spam rates are minimal and that SMS delivery rates are up in the 90th percentile. This is accomplished by talking with clients to ensure that their SMS messages are not regarded as spam or contain red flags that would hinder them from sending SMS text messages to their customer base.

Conversations that start with web chat in Podium must be handled via text message. The omnichannel solutions of Botsplash make it so that each communication channel is treated on an individual level yet still consolidated together in one centralized platform, i.e., the Botsplash platform. Furthermore, with Podium, conversations need to be manually refreshed for new messages to appear. This is not the case with the Botsplash platform. Once a lead’s communicative outreach is made to an enterprise through Botsplash, it is ever-present and easy to find within the platform to ensure the conversation is never lost and always available for any compliance and legal matters.

Reviews of Podium would seem to indicate that while the web chat plug-in offers some appeal, the software’s customer service paints an overall picture of not providing a satisfactory level of engagement with the actual users of Podium. This lack of attention is a somewhat ironic twist of circumstance, considering the platform aims at helping businesses manage customer relationships and fails to do so when it comes to its relationships with their customers. Podium users are left frustrated with a customer support team that could be better and more knowledgeable. As a company grows, it is imperative to ensure that new hires are familiar with the product.

On this front, Botsplash excels in its customer support and has made it a guiding principle to ensure that its clients and users of the platform are provided with the opportunity to always reach a Client Success representative at Botsplash. The client and a Botsplash representative can work one-on-one to resolve any issues or improve any matters concerning the Botsplash platform. Botsplash’s Client Success team treats its clients personally, ensuring that all pain points are discussed and solved in a timely and efficient manner. Reviews such as the following from Eric Steinman reiterates Botsplash’s commitment to providing the best customer service it can to its clients.

“Botsplash has been an awesome tool for our company to connect with leads and keep in contact with borrowers! The site and app are easy for our Loan Officers to use and a great way for me to keep track of everything. Excellent customer service! They quickly answer any question and figure out solutions to everything I need.”

Customer interactions platforms should offer more than just web chat and SMS. The ability to provide consumers with tools to engage with enterprises is only as effective as the companies providing the necessary tools for their own clients to harness such platforms.

So when it comes to not only providing excellent customer service to consumers using a robust customer interaction platform but also providing the users of said platforms with excellent customer services to ensure that the backend of the platforms are as solid and reliable as the front end, that is where Botsplash truly stands out from the rest of the competition.

Check the Botsplash platform and its omnichannel solutions at Witness how it can revolutionize how an enterprise can utilize web chat, SMS, and much more to build more significant relationships with consumers while driving revenue and growth for the company.

Botsplash: Be Where Your Customers Are.

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