Q4 2023 Bookme Enhancements

In Q4 of 2022, we introduced Bookme, and the response has been incredible. As we’ve witnessed widespread adoption, we’ve gained valuable insights into how we can enhance this offering. For Q4 of 2023, we’re thrilled to unveil significant improvements to Bookme.

Let’s start by taking a look at the exciting new interface:

Botsplash Bookme Old Interface
Old Bookme Interface
Botsplash Bookme New Interface
New Bookme Interface

Bookme, now equipped with appointment scheduling capabilities, will feature several enhancements:

1. Direct Agent Chats:
  • Engage in direct chats with agents.
  • Share these interactions on social media and use them in your email signature to attract more incoming prospects.
2. Agent Profile and Company Information:
  • Display Agent Profiles and/or information about your company.
  • Allow prospects to learn more about you and your company, encouraging them to reach out and collaborate.
  • Add external links to an Application Page, Ratings and Reviews page, and related resources.
3. Time-Based Events:
  • Introduce calendar events that are time-based.
  • Perfect for showcasing attendance at conferences or providing short-term offers.
  • Create calendars for specific time intervals; the option will automatically disappear when the time elapses.

Why these Enhancements?

1. Simplified Profile Hosting:
  • Make it easy for users to host a profile page without requiring company IT support.
  • Our goal is to empower users with tools that boost their online visibility and drive traffic.
2. Agent Chat Integration:
  • Chat is integral to a robust digital presence.
  • By enabling Bookme to support agent chat, we anticipate a 30% increase in prospect outreach.
  • Our commitment is to facilitate user engagement.
3. Ease of Adoption and Management:
  • Agents should be able to plan out a calendar effortlessly and let it work for them.
  • Hence, the introduction of time interval-based events for easy adoption and management.

We are excited about these enhancements and are confident they will elevate your experience with Bookme, making it an even more powerful tool for your business needs.

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