Scheduled Texts

Botsplash scheduled texting provides users with a convenient and easy way to reach customers when not in the office or away from their desks. Most agents find this feature useful in the following ways:

Time Management

When scheduling text messages, agents can plan their day-to-day engagement strategies more effectively by scheduling messages at times best suited for them and the customer. Scheduled SMS messages streamline operations and free up valuable time for employees to focus on live conversations and other tasks.

Updates & Reminders

Scheduled texts are excellent for businesses that want to provide timely updates, reminders, promotions, and more. These types of messages build stronger relationships and can turn uncertain leads into loyal customers.

Time Zone Flexibility

Many Botsplash users communicate with prospects and customers over multiple time zones. This can be a challenge if agent-customer schedules don’t align properly. Scheduled send provides an excellent solution to this hurdle, allowing agents to reach customers at optimal times without manual effort.

Vacation/Off-Hours Communication

Scheduling texts allows agents to send messages when unavailable, whether at home, on vacation, or simply out to lunch. It ensures that critical information reaches recipients even when the agent may not be actively operating.

Let’s take a look at the simplicity of scheduled send within Botsplash…

1. Click the more arrow besides the send button.

Botsplash Send Button

2. Click “Schedule”

Botsplash Schedule Button

3. Choose your date, time, and timezone preferences (If applicable)

Note: The agent can set the scheduled message to auto-cancel if the recipient sends a message before the agent message is delivered. To do so, simply check the “Auto-cancel” option.

Botsplash Scheduling Interface

For more information about the Botsplash scheduled send feature, reach out to us for a demo or click here to learn more.