BDC Reporting Features
May 11, 2022

BDC Reporting Features

Your dealer-clients have trusted you to handle their inbound and outbound communication. Accurate and up-to-the-minute data is how your team makes the decisions that determine the success or failure of your business.

An omnichannel platform, like Botsplash, is one of the best ways dealerships can stay in touch with their customers and prospects but without transparency into how the platform is used by agents and visitors, you won’t know what’s working and what isn’t.

At Botsplash, we take a detailed, thorough approach to gathering and presenting real-time data across users and channels. We’ve outlined several of our most crucial, valuable data points that our customers find most useful when driving their business forward.

Below are just a few examples of the timely data gathered for you in the Botsplash platform.

Agent Data:

Monitoring performance can be daunting when employing dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees. The Botsplash platform makes it easy to determine who has logged on, for how long, and how often. But it’s not just about being logged in, you want to understand if your agents’ productivity is helping your dealerships.

One report to regularly review is “Unread/Unanswered”. When a customer comes in through one of the digital channels you’ve been contracted to monitor, if there is not an immediate response, then it is likely a lost customer. Look through your agents’ unread messages and see if there is a pattern. If you see certain agents not responding at a specific time every day, perhaps they are simply not logging out of the system.

Another report that can be useful is looking at the messages that have been accepted vs the messages that have been responded to. In this case, some agents may feel they need to engage with as many messages as possible, but if an agent has multiple conversations going and are still trying to pick up new ones, customers will get frustrated. You may see messages from the customer: “Hello?”, “Are you there?”, “Can you help me?”

Understanding how active your agents are and what their average response times are is very important for success. Our reports paint a clear picture so you know what communication looks like for your customers.

Visitor Engagement:

Through the Botsplash dashboard, it’s easy to view how many visitors engaged with your agents, through which channel, and how many of those visitors were new leads. The Channel Report can give you a snapshot of all channels in aggregate or channel by channel. Are Google Ads or Facebook Ads more viable chatting with an agent?

You can view channels over time as well. If the dealership is running a campaign for used cars, you can easily see the effectiveness of the advertising particularly if it’s tied to a monitored channel. You may even see organic traffic on a channel you didn’t know customers used and you can recommend marketing dollars are spent to drive additional traffic.

We break it all down. Which communication platform is most effective, and where should you be focusing your efforts. At Botsplash, we want to help you meet your customers where they are, but we also want to help you find out where they are.


While we’ve been talking about reporting as it relates to inbound messages, let’s look at outbound messages. Are you thinking of SMS text campaigns? The Botsplash platform helps monitor deliverability. Which messages were opened? Which were not? You may determine that certain times of day are better for your texts or perhaps it’s your messaging.

And messaging can be important. We monitor spam rates and suggest verbiage that is most compliant with carriers that way you know your messages are getting to your dealers’ customers. Using a spam report will give you the information and words you need to include or avoid.  

These are examples of reports that are built into the platform, but Botsplash is flexible enough to allow you to create custom reports. Is there specific data that you want to analyze? We’re happy to work with you to customize any report that would be beneficial to you and your team. Our goal is to help you meet your customers where they are and to find where they are, you need the most up-to-date, reliable information as possible.

Become the expert for your clients by using the reporting features in the Botsplash platform to provide actionable suggestions based on your analysis of the data. There’s a lot of information available in an omnichannel platform, and Botsplash makes it easy for you to understand engagement, productivity, and more. Be where your customer’s customers are!

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