Amazon Echo: Remove the Noise of Fake News
February 20, 2017

Amazon Echo: Remove the Noise of Fake News

Fake news is everywhere, all over social media and it became a major cause of concern during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections and is ongoing issue since then. You may be tired of articles from untrustworthy sites grabbing your attention just to find out later the news to be fake. Can this fake news noise be cleared up? Here is more on how to tackle Fake News with chatbots.

Chatbots are on the rise, especially Amazon Echo. With this article we take a look at how to use Echo effectively to remove the Fake from News.

Not Everyone is ready to HOST on Amazon Echo Yet

What makes Amazon Echo so great? Well, to start with, not everyone has signed up to make content available. While there are a few U.S. news sites making podcasts, news, and items available, there are only a handful of options from other parts of the world. Amazon’s Alexa is capable of searching, gathering, grouping and presenting new from the internet, but native bots built for Alexa would be first choice when available.

At this point Amazon is very restrictive on whose native bots it will allow for access via Alexa. This enables Amazon to be sure to allow only trustworthy and reputed news publications and providers to source their content.

Echo USER is in control of Interests and Sources

The user of Echo don’t just rely on Alexa to pull up the best and popular stories from trustworthy sources. The user is in complete control on which publications they choose get the information from. Echo users can schedule time and content of interest for all the stories to be delivered to them.

Being one of the first publications on Amazon Echo to connect with Echo customers gives an advantage to gain user following and developing engagement and attachment.

As users start to consumer, follow and trust your news feed you will understand more about their interest of how they filter content. You can use this information to categorize different users and personalize and customize news feeds to your users. Also, if the user feels the need to block You can even set up to block certain types of sites that you know are bad for extremely biased or false reports.

NEWS from Social Media Sites  – ”no more”!!

Once an Echo user is content and satisfied with news feed from Alexa, there is no reason social media sites would be on much interest to them. If they wish to follow a news topic, such as Wimbledon, Elections or other such that have regular followups, users can receive these updates as scheduled.

Fake news is a major problem, especially with students. People aren’t looking at the sources for the information and just believe anything that is on social media – after all, why would it be there otherwise? Facebook has announced that it will try to stop this but there are going to be limitations. Alexa will just help to avoid the clutter.

Controlling Everything Else at Your Home at the Same Time

A user could wait for the social media sites to clear out the fake news if you want, but the sites can’t do other things around your home. Amazon Echo offers the ability to work with your smart heating system, your smart alarm system, and more.There’s no need to reach out to your phone or remote or other control device to operate.

Early adoption of this technology and having a medium to connect with Echo users is the need of time to stay innovative, tech savvy and growth focused publication in news media.

Amazon Alexa does more than just reduce the noise of fake news.For all the amazing “hands free” interface that Echo comes with, consumer adoption will be fast and steady. Echo’s ability to filter out fake news is powerful and still in early stage. Time calls for being a publication that is trend setter while being highly trusted and liked!

Alexa benefits from

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