Give your customers Personalized attention, Instantly!
January 3, 2018

Give your customers Personalized attention, Instantly!

First impression is about creating the lasting bond. Does it bother you that your digital channels – Website, Facebook, Emails and others are too generic and not customized for different consumer personality and interests? Why lose any consumer by building experiences based of charts and analytics alone. Today technology allows for adoption of better consumer experience strategies. Its time to explore these and offer your consumers an impressive engagement experience.

Things to familiarize, understand, learn and consider about chatbots:

  1. Chatbots do not need to impersonate a human , it just needs to be responsive so that the consumer is attended to immediately. The right escalations and routing should be put in place so that proper channels and business agents are alerted about the new/return consumer.
  2. AI and NLP are not fluff words thrown around. They are real and core to a chatbot, but they are not readily available out of the box. Every business needs customized AI and NLP knowledge, to train the bot to work for specific consumers. Beware of any out-of-the-box solutions. Training the model is critical component to get the chatbot deliver your business/product uniqueness.
  3. Be specific, but not restricted or boring! Basically your chatbot should not be annoying. Be sure to invest time in checking several sentences and flows for the chatbot so that the experience is not monotonous but informational and relevant to the topic. This can be achieved with correct Sentiment and Intent classification.
  4. Identify the visitor. If there is any publicly accessible identifiers to help know more about the visitor, have the backend of chatbot build the visitor profile. Gathering demographics, browsing history, social media interests all help present a customized engagement experience for the consumer. Be sure to take consent from the visitor prior to accessing information about them. Establishing an informed trust and expectation with prospective consumer.
  5. Provide value, just don ‘t make the chatbot collect contact info. Your business chatbot should be robust and powerful to offer and manage to provide off information about your services and products as a website, all at one location. While this might take several iterations to get it right, the work should be to achieve this. Avoid a “salesy” chat experience where the bot constantly prompts the visitor for contact info. The visitor should be able to browse and discover your business offering with ease and encouraged to continue to engage.

In short, a successful chatbot is one that is smart, conversational, personalized, content aware and informative (is powered with knowledge base). It should also have the ability to connect or schedule time with the actual business agent if the visitor/consumer feels the need get connected or contacted.

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