Know your Digital Channels: presentation, value and usage
November 15, 2017

Know your Digital Channels: presentation, value and usage

Summary : Engagement through digital medium is on the rise and everyone is checking something online almost every hour if not more frequent. Also at this point in time it is pretty confirmed and accepted that chatbots are here to stay! Chatbots are not a quick “over hyped” trend or marketing stunt for quick turn around in business. Instead chat platform need dedicated exploration, research and finding something that is best to tailor to suit your business operations. Now is the time to adopt, adapt and capitalize on automation with bots in order to promote, expand reach and deliver your business services and products.

Where Are Your Customers?

Customers are online and actively shopping at all times around the clock. Specially if they are riding public transportation, Uber or self driving cars, they get more time to be online and look to Shop-Compare-Complete. The millennial generation mindset is to get products and services that are effortless, easy to use and follow. Remember these are the folks that pick recipes, DIY projects watching a 30sec videos in comparison to hour long shows! The products and services that serve and meet the need in short time, are and will be in big demand.

Check your digital presence …

First look – ** website**. Questions to ask

  1. Is the business website Personalize and Branded to message your service and product offering clearly?
  2. Is the site easy to navigate and has correct CTAs for customers to take an action?
  3. Are you tracking the site views? Who are the visitors, where are they coming, how are they finding about your business? How many re-visit your site?
  4. What pages on your site interest the visitors? what are most visited and most time spent on?
  5. What are the metrics from site visit to revenue event/transaction.
  6. Is the website responsive design and mobile friendly? Is content maintained to most prominent and required for mobile?

Next Up –  Social Media.

  1. What questions and queries are visitors posting? Do you identify any pattern? Are these being answered in timely fashion?
  2. Are the posts, tags, comments positive and good reviews or are they complaints? How to take all feedback and get them resolved?
  3. Do visitors get to learn and gather details of your product and service offering on social media? Can they shop and transact without being navigated to website or dialing the call center?
  4. Should you consider running ads? Will the ads convert on social media that they are placed on, or will it pose as bait-and-switch?
  5. What are your competitors doing? Can you, should you Geo Target visitors?

Lastly… not Final –  Affiliate sites

  1. What impact do affiliate advertising have on your brand?
  2. How is your product being displayed in comparison to others? Is the affiliate presenting it as self product, is messaging confusing? Do customers reach out to you with complaints about your affiliate partner?
  3. What form on content or interactive control do you maintain or are entitles for on these sites?

Other digital channels – ** Phone, SMS, Email**

  1. What is the Phone(call center), SMS and Contact email strategy? What is the defined SLA for response?
  2. How are priorities defined, observed and managed?
  3. What is available to optimize on these?
  4. What percent of engagements on these channels lead to “dead-ends”(wasteful work). Can these be identified with historical data analysis?

Study your visitors, customer engagement and interaction patterns. If the content you are presenting, sharing or promoting does not capture the attention of your consumers, then they will not be interested in what you have to offer. Alternatively if the content is interesting and useful, even if the consumer does not need the service or product at the time, they may refer a friend or family to consider. You could grow your digital presence and value(digital currency and reputation).

Be where your customers are. Invest time to explore platforms, solutions and approaches that best fit your business and your customer engagement needs. Use a platform that is open to personalization to help you highlight your business differentiation in your industry. If you have the visitor browsing patterns right, you could consider to automate some processes and workflows partially or in entirety.

Considered chatbots yet?

Chatbots allow you to improve engagement and build loyalty.

Mobile apps help people get to access to business offering on mobile or tablet devices. It’s easy to push promotions and announcements through apps and get visitors to react. Question to ask is does your business need an app? Not all businesses have rapid changing content or repeated buyers that would require an app to keep customer engaged.

Chatbots are the latest digital strategy and medium to connect and engage with visitors. Chatbots can be built to embed on websites, social media and other digital channels discussed earlier. Having a chatbot that is trained and modeled for your business needs is a great way to get the millennial fan base and loyalty built.

Chatbots can be simple with limited features or complex with workflows modeled to learn and train the bot to improve with use.

Take a leap into the Digital Conversational Era for your business

Strategy and techniques to connect, engage and interact with customers is always changing and shifting. These change due to change in the consumers shopping and browsing preferences or methods. From print based advertising, the shift is to reviews from valued and trusted strangers! ** When people look for services and products they expect these are tried, tested and reviewed, or is it is brand new, then there is a “super easy and quick” way to try it out. **The shift in paradigm requires businesses to present its service and product offering in a manner that is personalized, branded, and easy to consume.

Take the time to research and understand who your audience is and where they are. Build and enhance your audience engagement by exploring and being available of new platforms that provide vast range chat solutions. You ‘ll soon find a way to get involved in conversation with customers and build something so easy to consume, that leads will just keep churning in.

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