Messaging Makes Sense
February 27, 2019

Messaging Makes Sense

“Messaging” may be a synonym to Text Message(SMS), but today it has evolved to many other messaging/chat platforms.

Why is messaging or chatting convenient for customers? What challenges do\nEnterprises face to explore messaging? How can Enterprises adopt “messaging” trend quickly and in secure manner? How does messaging contribute to more closed deals?

Today we explore the bright side of messaging  – customer and enterprise engagement perspectives, along with its relation to security, compliance/regulations and impact on the revenue.

Let’s take the reference of a Direct to Consumer lender. Most lenders buy/purchase leads from an Affiliate (LeadGen) or Marketplace (online compare sites) or using online/social media ads. These are just few examples of online sources, some companies have other mediums but we’ll focus on online channels.\nA typical breakdown of lead flow for an online lender is below

Lead --> Application --> Locks --> Funded

Customer engagement and interaction is very important in each stage of the process.

Reducing fiction associated with “contact” and “engagement”, is key to making it easy and simple for customers and agents (Loan Officer/Processor). More seamless conversations, more customer prospects moving to next milestone and more to close (revenues) eventually.

Consumer Engagement

How do consumers/prospects prefer to engage and communicate?

  • Customer wants instant responses
  • They heavily use messaging/chat platforms – SMS, Web Chat, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and so many others
  • These platforms are convenient and easy for the customers
  • Customers switch between platforms while keeping the conversation
  • High Intent/Quick to convert customers need tools that are easy to use , secure, instant, save time and effort
  • Phone call is relevant and preferred but usually later in process when the customer has gained trust for your service and offering

Enterprise Agent Engagement

How do enterprises(in this case a Mortgage Lender) interact with prospects today?

  • Heavy use outbound phone call to make the initial contact
  • Emails mostly driven by Marketing Automation or Generic Templates to connect with customer
  • Inbound call center to accept customer/prospect calls

This shows us some gaps in what the customer wants vs what companies are doing:

#BeWhereYourCustomerAre | Conversation Leads to Conversion | Increased Contact Rate

The gap is where Enterprises should extend the coverage to be accessible to customers from a platform of customers preference.

Enterprise Challenges and Restrictions

  • Text Messaging between Customer and Agent Personal device cannot be monitored, or approved –  a compliance issue
  • Agents do not have access to social media sites such as Facebook to route agent assignment or engage with customer directly
  • Data is distributed across multiple platforms – it is tedious to gather the data and build metrics/analytics about customer engagement
  • Mandatory Agent Audit Trail for Compliance and Regulations
  • Secure and Easy access to conversations
  • Ensure only authorized/licensed personnel can engage with customers
  • Secure platform to exchange documents on channel of customers convenience
Botsplash Omnichannel Messaging: Unified Platform for your enterprise to engage with your customers

Botsplash Omnichannel Messaging

  • Omnichannel Audit Trail  – all conversations at one place
  • Intelligent Routing  – don’t depend on a SaaS or CRM routing, build customer workflows and routes that suit the business needs – route by traffic, by lead source, by channel and availability, marketing campaign – endless combinations.
  • Web Chat is multitask friendly, customers can initiate a conversation and stay on it even if not available to take a call. Customers are connected with authorized personnel only, so highly secure and trusted.
  • Text Messaging convenient for customers that are on the move, need reminders/alerts/notifications to keep them informed of progress. The customer can initiate a conversation or ask a question with out needed to get on call, or log into portal or download any particular app
  • Facebook Messenger Digital Marketing and Digital Messaging at one platform, run ads and instantly converse with customers that engage. A end-to-end solution Market - > Acquire -> Engage and Convert
  • Call for when customer calls in, instantly route to the agent engaged via Text or Web Chat. High value transaction often needs a good call to clarify and close. Don’t lose the customer early in the process!
  • Learn from the conversations and automate flows via deploying bots that are modeled on your enterprise needs
  • Reduce the fiction of Scan -> Zip/Bundle -> Upload documents to Capture Photo and Send
  • Agents can be away and still engage with customer via SMS or Enterprise Emails. All conversations audited and logged. Customer is 24x7, agents need the flexibility and tools to respond fast.
Botsplash – Better Engagement, Better Conversations and Better Conversions

At Botsplash our primary focus is to power the digital channels that complement and, enhance consumer engagement and interaction. To learn more how Botsplash can create the omnichannel conversation ecosystem for your business visit us or write to

Be Where Your Customers Are – Customer outreach is important, and doing it in a form acceptable to the customer is winning them right at the start!

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