Movable WebChat
June 13, 2020

Movable WebChat

The rise of interactive chat makes it very important that every business website host a chat/messenger interface for quick and convenient engagement.

For starters, what is a WebChat or most commonly referred to as “Chatbot”? It is a website chat interface for site visitors to ask a question or engage in conversation with the business associates. Most commonly these chat interfaces are hosted on company website, landing pages or affiliate marketing sites. The goal and purpose of a web chat  widget is to increase the conversion of inbound customer/prospect inquiry.

Menu based webchats are most popular. Such help the site visitor narrow down their intent to connect before starting a conversation. Here are some business use cases that qualify for webchat, focused at consumer engagement optimization:

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Request/Schedule a callback
  • Submit Feedback
  • Lookup Agent Directory
  • Page/Department related Menu Listing
  • Browse / Order Product or Service
  • Upload or Share Files
  • Join a Video Chat or Screen Share Conference
  • Careers

Options and implementations are many, and it is best to keep them concise and relevant to the department or section of website that the visitor is engaging with. Check out some best practices list to maximize chat interaction conversions.

  • manage business-hour and after-hours flows
  • allow visitor to choose “self-serve” vs “chat with agent”
  • support Webchat to SMS switch for ease
  • theme the widget to suit the affiliate/3rd party hosting the widget
  • menu options must be specific intent of site (do not display careers on a landing page)

What is new with Botsplash Webchat? Upgraded and Released in June 2020, our widget is “movable” as shown below

Why a movable Webchat? Avoid content blocking. Very often the Chat Logo, Marketing Bubble or Widget itself hides certain content on the page, which can cause annoyance based on the critical nature of the content and information. Hosting a movable chat widget gives the flexibility for the visitor to move it at a position on page that is most comfortable for them, specially when engaged in a long conversation.

Learn more about Botsplash and how it fits your enterprise business. Book a demo call with us today! Our team is eager to share our implementations and use cases in the Real-Estate, Mortgage Lending, Auto Dealerships, Pharma, Insurance industry and more.

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