Text Messaging as an engagement channel
January 8, 2019

Text Messaging as an engagement channel

Botsplash delivers innovative, digital messaging software to connect businesses and customers across any digital platform. Real time and automated capabilities deepen customer engagement and improve conversion rates by putting your business where your customers are. Customized solutions meet regulatory requirements while making your business stand out, one conversation at a time.

Today we review the impact and usefulness of Text Message(SMS) as a channel for consumer interaction and engagement. Most high value transactions such as Looking/Buying a Home, Borrowing Loan, Car Purchase or Financing and others in the realm are often subject to countless exchange of information, eventually resulting to a conversion or closed deal. The process usually is as

  • A prospect fills a form and submits content seeking process details or to request for specific quote/service/product information
  • Businesses run/review the information manually or via automated process and determine suitable service/product match for prospective customer
  • The consumer now have information for review, research and discovery
  • The Business Agents (sales, realtor, loan officer, underwriter) deploy “ call or email” customer outreach campaigns to connect and interact with prospect
  • During the courting, convincing process sometimes the agent may drop the ball or the prospect may just not be reachable with traditional phone/email methods, resulting in possbile abandons(lost sale)
Pick any SMS vs Email response rate research data and stats will show as below
Source : business2community

With Botsplash, a Business Enterprise can reach the consumer with Simple Text Messaging (SMS) to initiate a possibly productive conversation

  • Send the prospect a welcome text, with link to view online personalized offerings or quotes
  • Request to schedule a call to suit their schedule via Text Message or get a confirmation for a scheduled call
  • Share image or pdf documents as Text Message (MMS)
  • The prospect can share documents such as paystub, drivers license, tax forms, income statement or other necessary documents(files) as MMS
  • Share with customer process, milestone updates – as reminder for action items or informational notification
  • If prospect is not suitable to complete a transaction at given time, stay connected and nurture them to point of conversion in future
  • Introduce Web Chat on landing-page or website by sharing initial link in an SMS – now the customer can choose SMS or Web Chat as preferred channel and switch as convenient

More benefits?

  • Business Agents can assist/chat with multiple prospects/customer at a given time, than keep trying to reach a single prospect via phone
  • A customer might not be able to get attend to a call, but they very well may respond via text
CONVERSATION leads to CONVERSION: Do you fear abandons and lost prospects? Texting can help seal up the cracks in process and retain more prospects resulting it higher CONVERSION RATE.
  • Business agents and Customer/Prospect conversations spanning multiple business agents across different business units, are all available at one place
SECURE, EASY TO ACCESS and SEGREGATED conversations in one place make Audit, Compliance and Regulatory teams happy!
Omni-channel Marketing is a necessity. To achieve better returns on marketing, providing consumers with the ability to chat, start a conversation\non digital channel is essential.

At Botsplash our primary focus is to power the digital channels that complement and, enhance consumer engagement and interaction. To learn more how Botsplash can create the omnichannel conversation ecosystem for your business visit us or write to hello@botsplash.com.

Be Where Your Customers Are – Customer outreach is important, and doing it in a form acceptable to the customer is winning them right at the start!

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