The Value of “Shared Conversation”
January 13, 2020

The Value of “Shared Conversation”

As a customer seeking a product or service, what is the most common exploratory steps one takes? Quick, easy poll among friends and family, or say on social media – twitter, FB, IG to name a few. “I need a recommendation” , “Has any one tried product X?”, “How do I research or the best X” and similar.

Though digitally engaged and connected, one appreciates the comments, feedback and guidance from the network. It sets a sense of belonging to a tribe to collect information. In most high value transaction engagement such as home purchase, mortgage buying, financial management/investment a customer often interacts with multiple agents(SMEs).

Creating the social network effect for customer engagement initiation and fulfillment results in valuable customer satisfaction.

For a moment, let’s dive into the call center workflow for a banking inquiry

Now to manage above with messaging interface, whether it is text only or a mix of channels text + social + webchat and more needs similar effort starting by studying the interaction points. As the customer starts an engagement or returns to an existing conversation/ticket, it becomes necessary that the agent assisting the customer have access to all conversations and be able to invite other available SMEs into the current conversation as necessary.

Such situations call for the need to be engaging in a shared or group chat, representing a team rather than transfer the conversation to a new agent, as would be with call transfers. A perfect scenario for managing Shared Conversation. Instant assistance and quick responses most positively impact nature of closing a transaction and building customer loyalty.

Establishing meaningful conversations lead to successful conversions.

Here is a visual for a Home Loan Processing and the actors involved

Quick list of some client experiences that are on the Botsplash platform:

  • Reduced effort of transfer and status check-in between agents
  • If an agent is offline/delayed in response, shared agent can pitch in to support/take notes
  • Access to centralized notes, documents, chat transcript, tag/labels helps processing agents to get up to speed and request for information only as need bases
  • Customer need not require to maintain list of agent phone numbers, ext. or email addresses. Customer can reach via same SMS or Call Number and get connected with one of the agents on file
  • Nurturing a customer, agent is in group chat and does not want to be disturbed? Mute the updates, when ready to transact get assigned as the primary agent to proceed
  • Low intent lead and need to incubate? Stall with a future reminder date. Check in or schedule automated message to re-engage and get an update

What to learn more about Botsplash and how it fits your enterprise business? Book a demo call with us today. Our team is eager to share our implementations and use cases in the Real-Estate, Mortgage Lending, Ecommerce, Pharma, Insurance industry and more.

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