Boost appointments from Social Media, Messaging and Voice services
December 19, 2016

Boost appointments from Social Media, Messaging and Voice services

For an instance, you have bought a product and after using it for days, we want to sell it back. What mode of selling the product, will you use? Will you prefer roaming in shops? Or will you prefer to take a picture of your product, upload it on social media and via online dealing you will sell your product? Most of the people will prefer craigslist and now Facebook marketplace to do such business activity.

The use of Social Media for business activity is increasing day by day. The social media seems like a platform for newcomers who have just started their business, as well as those who have started long back to promote their business efficiency. The large number of audiences is attracted towards the promotion via social media because social media for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Kik, etc are used the most.

As a business tool social media is being used as a platform through which products are not only sell to, market places, but the reviews on the products are being given by the customers. Online orders can be placed online and payment is made via many modes. The business page is made to enhance the promotion. Online deals via Messaging Chatbots and even Voice services are available to deal with the dealer.

Moreover the business services are provided efficiently and appointments are made easily. Which customers can check the credit card balance, payment can be made via Facebook messenger. Due to the Slack, people are up to date with the weather conditions. People can make Online Food orders by talking to Google home. They may book an order using Amazon Alexa.

It is believed that by 2019’s end, 66 percent of U.S. health systems will offer digital self-scheduling. Also, 64 percent of patients will book appointments using these online systems. Altogether, nearly 38 percent – meaning 986 million – appointments will be self-scheduled, a bulk said to be worth $3.2 billion for these providers.

According to the survey, 34 percent of appointments that are scheduled online are done after the office is closed. This means that by offering 24/7 convenience of online scheduling, practices can increase their number of overall appointments while reducing any added strain on the business ‘s office administration.

Another survey shows that only 6 percent of online appointment requests were for appointments on the same day that the appointment was scheduled, more than three times that amount, about 20 percent, were for next-day appointments. Most however, (26 percent) were scheduled online for same-day or next-day slots.

However, another observation shows that with phone-call scheduling, the number of people who fail to show up for an appointment (the non-attendance rate) ranges from 10 percent to 25 percent, averaging out at 14 percent. By simply offering online scheduling, practices can keep more their waiting rooms fuller by reducing the number of no-shows.

On the other side, this are estimated that 13,694 appointments are made from practice websites, 6,766, or 49.4 percent, were scheduled via the telephone. The rest, 50.6 percent or 6,928 patients scheduled their appointment online. This shows that the benefits of online business dealing can take your business towards the success. The wide possibilities for a business schedules appointments are numerous.

The change in appointments can be easily sent to the customers via messaging or posting an updated post. The appointments can be made through many search- engines, for example Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. This saves customers’ as well as the owner’s time. Moreover, mostly people don’t like talking on their phones and answering the questions, so they prefer to make online appointments which benefits the company in obtaining essential information of the customers correctly and without making any mistakes.

Howbeit, social media is one of the powerful tools which can create a great change. Now a day, people are keener to work on social media, promoting their art and business. This helps them to know what the world thinks about their idea and to know the most noted requirement in the eyes of this world. This also to be believed that products or business grow bigger as they are taken out of the box and what will be better to place your business in front of this world? The social media is enough to create a great change to your business and give a huge exposure to your business.

In concluding, where people are more active on Social Media, than the real world, so it has become important to set the business where your business becomes more noticeable to the world. By making online appointments and placing online orders, it not only benefits you in many ways, but most importantly it increases the time limit for your goals to get completed quickly, and noting can do this task quickly as faster as Social media which can viral the things within a minute.

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