Botsplash Agent Efficiency and Productivity
June 23, 2022

Botsplash Agent Efficiency and Productivity

You’ve probably heard the phrase “time is money” many times before. Time is a very valuable resource for a business as it affects revenue, market position, and employee productivity. In the current face of inflation, the value of the dollar is diminishing so it’s important to find ways to increase your business’ time efficiency. There are many ways of doing so, but a good place to start is through your communication strategy. Botsplash offers numerous features and tools that save time and make lead conversion easier for your agents.

What is Business Efficiency?

Business efficiency refers to the act of maximizing outputs from given inputs. In layman terms, it’s helpful to make the most of the resources available to you in order to save time and effort. This is where we come in. Our platform provides agents with the tools needed to communicate more efficiently while providing a more personalized and engaging experience for the customer. While there is a cost associated with using our solution, most clients have found that it pays for itself tenfold.

How Omnichannel Drives Efficient Conversations

Botsplash is an omnichannel consumer engagement platform that promotes efficient communication and support for both agents and customers. Omnichannel communication strategies give businesses a prime opportunity to collect data and information about the people shopping for their products or services across different channels. This data can then be used to improve advertising strategies so that high-intent customers can find and reach out to a business, not vice versa. We believe that an agent’s time should be spent closing deals and cold outreach should be a last resort. We built our platform around this idea.

Unified Dashboard

Are you tired of signing into multiple communication accounts or having to alternate between all of them to monitor conversations? The Botsplash platform consolidates all forms of communication and numerous channels onto a single, user-friendly interface. On our dashboard we allow users to efficiently engage in inbound and outbound conversations from many different sources. Additionally, the platform gives agents the tools to take their productivity a step further. Features such as canned messages, schedule send, multi-agent chat, and more all provide an experience that increases efficiency and eliminates downtime.

Spanish Translation

Do you assist Spanish speaking prospects and clients, but don’t have bilingual agents to manage the chats? Botsplash automatically translates from spanish-to-english so there is no need for a third-party translation tool. Through this feature, we’re working to not only broaden your clientele, but also improve efficiency and customer experience!

Call Forwarding

All incoming calls to an assigned SMS number are forwarded to the desk or mobile number of the corresponding agent. In the case that you don’t want calls sent to the assigned agent, we can direct them all to a standard #800 number or the call center. Depending on lead availability and convenience, we see a huge influx of incoming calls mostly on the weekend and evenings after standard TCPA hours. It’s important to be there for the customer when they reach out to you.

Mobile App

The Botsplash mobile application keeps conversations flowing, even when your agents aren’t at their desks. Available on iOS and Android, our mobile app shares most of the same great features that our desktop dashboard offers. It’s common for a chat to take place during lunchtime, while on vacation, or after hours, all of which can be handled by the assigned agent right from their mobile device.

Botsplash Mobile App


Built-in reporting features provide a great way to measure performance and uncover problematic areas in your company’s customer conversation strategy. Filling the gaps can free up valuable agent time and focus their efforts on customers that are more likely to convert. Managers can measure agent performance to find the strengths and weaknesses of each agent in order to assign them to the right tasks or customers. They can also monitor which agents are overloaded and reassign leads accordingly to avoid a bad customer experience or lost deals.

Information such as how many visitors engaged with your agents, through which channels, and how many of those visitors are new leads help optimize your company’s workflow processes. Botsplash can provide this type of overview within our “channel report” section as it gives the option to view a snapshot of all channels in aggregate or channel by channel. To be there for your customers, you need to understand where they are first.


Finding new ways to be efficient can be challenging, especially amid the current changes in the market. Having the proper tools and resources available is the first step to more productive conversations and better ROI. If you have any questions about the solutions that Botsplash can provide for your business, reach out to us! We can provide an in-depth demonstration of our platform to highlight the benefits that we can provide for your unique business.

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