Botsplash and Its Support for Spanish Language
February 7, 2023

Botsplash and Its Support for Spanish Language

Barriers to sales come in different forms, and every big and small barrier is a hurdle and roadblock that impacts the path to closed translation. In sales, it is essential to understand the prospect or customer and build trust to help them with their needs. Language is one such barrier. The following list represents a few of the many ways top-of-funnel sales can be missed due to language barriers.

  • Communication difficulties - if you cannot successfully communicate in the early stages of the sales process, the potential customer will be frustrated and unlikely to continue the conversation.
  • Reduced trust and rapport - initial engagement and relationship building is critical for a prospect deciding if they want to work with your business. The inability to build that relationship will hamper further conversations.
  • Missed market opportunities - ignoring or not attending to specific inquiries might mean losing a potential market and an expansion of your target audience.
  • Increased costs - hiring bilingual staff along with creating support and training materials can be expensive.
  • Decreased customer satisfaction - prospects and customers that do not get a prompt and satisfactory response from your business can feel frustrated and leave the conversation, leading to lost business.

Now, let’s take a peek at the Spanish translation feature in Botsplash. The sample below demonstrates how Botsplash makes it easy for your team to manage and convert bilingual prospects and customers.

Customer View

Botsplash Agent Dashboard

Video Demonstration

To minimize the impact of language barriers on sales, businesses and brands can consider investing in the following solutions:

  • Hiring bilingual sales staff
  • Offering language training or courses to their team
  • Adopting translation services, apps, or tools
  • Providing bilingual materials/documents to share
  • Using technology/software platforms - try out Botsplash today!
  • Partnering with external support agents to nurture prospects

Is your cost and investment in a bilingual staff too high? Do you lose prospects because you need more staffing to communicate and successfully close the deal with Spanish-speaking customers? Botsplash can help; reach out today for a demo to learn more about our Spanish translation support capabilities and see the additional tools we offer to reduce lost conversions.

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