Botsplash and Vonage Celebrate Third Year of Partnership
August 19, 2022

Botsplash and Vonage Celebrate Third Year of Partnership

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August 19, 2022 - We’re thrilled to announce that our partnership with Vonage is moving into its third year. The Vonage SMS API provides timely and efficient delivery of text messages and assists in document collection for Botsplash users. They work behind the scenes to ensure that all messages are sent compliantly and are in line with all TCPA restrictions. Numerous Vonage APIs are already integrated with Botsplash to guarantee SMS campaigns are effective and our onboarding process is timely.

Botsplash is an omnichannel consumer engagement platform that offers mortgage lenders and revenue centers the option to engage with their customers through live or automated chat processes. Conversations can take place over channels such as SMS, web chat, Facebook Messenger, and more, in order to reach the customer on their preferred messaging outlet. With Vonage integrations in use, the following benefits further enhance the Botsplash communication experience for both the user and the customer:

  • New Lead Engagement and Nurturing
  • Employment Verification and Document Collection
  • Call Forwarding and ID Detection

For more information regarding this partnership or our onboarding process, reach out to us at

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