Botsplash Announces Partnership With Mortech, a Zillow Group Business
April 21, 2022

Botsplash Announces Partnership With Mortech, a Zillow Group Business

We are excited to announce our partnership with Mortech, a Zillow Group business. Mortech supplies thousands of mortgage professionals with a number of services and tools to help streamline and automate their day-to-day workflow. They are best known for their industry leading product and pricing engine that provides loan officers with access to instant, accurate mortgage rates from multiple investors at the click of a button. Through this partnership, our mutual lenders will have the ability to display real time rates and products through the Botsplash platform using web chat or SMS text.

Lenders are seeing the impacts of rising rates as well as the continued effects of a hybrid workplace. Customers are trying to find the right products at the right rates but searching through marketplaces and rate tables can be confusing.

“Consumers are looking for easy ways to get the information they want, where and when they want it. Using Mortech within the Botsplash chat widget, consumers can search for the right rate and loan and then connect immediately with a licensed loan officer,” Aru Anavekar, CEO & Founder of Botsplash. “Our lenders can see what the consumer is looking for and then seamlessly direct the consumer to a loan officer that can immediately help provide the customer.”

Botsplash is a customer engagement, communications platform designed to help its clients communicate through web chat, SMS text, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages and more. The platform allows asynchronous conversations to happen across channels and synchs with its clients’ CRM.

Mortech’s pricing engine can help lenders align their pricing strategy with their business model through customizable margins and adjustments unique to the company, branch, and loan officer.

The integration of the Mortech product and pricing engine inside a web chat widget improves a consumer’s ability to advance through the digital mortgage process quickly and efficiently and immediately conversing with a loan officer. Botsplash’s clients will have the opportunity to speak with a high intent consumer looking to obtain a mortgage.

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