Botsplash is a proud Google Messages Partner
June 25, 2020

Botsplash is a proud Google Messages Partner

Google launched Business Messages and Botsplash is an official partner. Now your customers and prospects can conveniently message from Google Search results.

Interested to learn more on how you can enable and deploy Google Messages for your business? Email us : and get started right away.


Enterprise Focused Live Chat and Automation Platform

  • Send message from Google Search Results
  • Optimize search keywords
  • Schedule appointments
  • Share events info

Multi-channel Engagements


Engage on Live Chat or an Automated Workflow

  • Message, video chat, screen share, or exchange documents
  • Schedule appointments or browse for products/services
  • Display only agent availability


Instantly Engage Through 2-way Messaging

  • Send instant text messages to connect with the customer
  • Trigger meeting reminders and milestone alerts
  • Collect and send documents instantly


Connect With Customer Within Platform

  • Reduced marketing expenses and increased returns
  • Convert ad audiences into leads faster
  • Don't lose the customer to a landing page CTA

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