Building Meaningful Customer Interactions
May 10, 2022

Building Meaningful Customer Interactions

It can take companies months to find a new customer, but only seconds to lose one. So it's critical to find ways to retain customers throughout the entire sales funnel. Customer retention can only happen by building meaningful customer interactions.

Customer interaction refers to the communication between a business and customers to address queries, problems, and feedback. Successful customer interaction directly correlates with customer satisfaction since every interaction results in a positive or negative experience.

Botsplash, an omnichannel consumer engagement platform, helps its clients build meaningful customer interaction through web chat, SMS text, Google's Business Messages, Facebook Messenger, and more. These interactions are sometimes hard to foster, but with Botsplash, you have the tools to succeed.

Below, we've outlined four strategies that can help your business with its communication strategy:

Use A Flexible Strategy Rather Than A One-Size-Fits-All Approach.

Every customer is unique, and agents daily deal with many customers with similar questions and problems. As a result, it doesn't always make sense to use the same approach for each person.

It's essential to put a bit of personalization into your customer communication model to ensure they feel important and heard. The worst thing a business can do is completely automate its conversations to follow a one-size-fits-all strategy. Customers expect their experience to reflect their value as individuals, and they should receive an excellent experience.

Not every interaction needs personalization. For example, it's perfectly acceptable to send a Happy New Year message that's the same for every recipient. In this instance, ensuring the message fits every recipient is the goal and is efficiently delivered. You can use the Botsplash platform for outbound text campaigns and personalize them with token replacements.

Respond To Their Issues As Soon As Possible.

It is critical to reply immediately to a customer's complaints and inquiries. Consumers will often use the speed of a company's response as an evaluation of the reliability of a business. According to the latest survey, 40 percent of customers want a company to reply within the first hour, and 80 percent anticipate a response within 24 hours.

Prospects don't just message one brand; they message numerous. Whoever can attract the customer the quickest will most likely receive their business. Existing customers also expect an immediate response from a business when making queries, reporting problems, or providing feedback. Prompt and timely responses show that a company cares for and values its customers.

In Botsplash, all customers are assigned to available agents who can help with their unique queries. Offering an instant chat with an agent reduces the client's waiting time and allows them to speak with a customer support representative immediately.

Follow Up

Customers are loyal to brands that care about them. Thus, a simple follow-up to ask about their purchasing experience or confirmation that your company resolved an issue contributes to developing stronger relationships. It shows your concern for the buyer and helps establish strong customer loyalty.

With Botsplash, you can quickly follow up with your customers, or your customers may easily follow up with you. When the customers reactivate chat, they are routed to the same agent they have talked to before to avoid redundancy. On the other hand, the agent may follow up with the customer using the information provided.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Customers can reach out from different channels, and you should respond on the same platform on which the initial outreach occurred. It does not make sense to respond to the customer who contacted you through live chat but get a response as an SMS text unless the customer requested this transition. As a business, you must be where your customers are.

With Botsplash, you can integrate all available channels onto one dashboard so that there is no need to open separate channels when responding to customers. A unified dashboard helps save time and effort and ensures you never miss a lead.


Customer interactions are the lifeblood of every business to cultivate positive customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction. How you interact with your customers will dictate how engaged they are and how often they return. Developing customer loyalty takes time and effort, but the process is not complicated. All you need is the right customer interaction strategy and the platform to back it up.

Botsplash is a fantastic platform for engaging customers and creating meaningful customer interactions. If you're interested in using Botsplash, request a demo with us to learn more about how we can help you connect with your customers wherever they are.

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