Chatbots use cases for different industries
August 23, 2016

Chatbots use cases for different industries

We get this question often and viability of chatbots in the businesses and industry. This is our take: when people prefer text over phone calls, messengers and chatbots come into picture. This depends on the industry and the type of functioning it wants from the bot.

Here are some use cases for different industries, helping you to understand how chatbots are helpful for a business.

News Industry

The success of an online newspaper depends upon the number of daily viewers it gets, and you know in this competitive era, it is not easy to get lots of viewers. Though, social media platforms help driving traffic to online newspapers, more is always good. A chatbot can help deliver breaking news directly as a private message in the user’s messenger, which will be displayed to him/her when he will login. And, as maximum people stay online on messengers, it increases the chance of traffic flow on the website by many folds.

Checkout how CNN is using Facebook messenger to personalize content and to reach its customers.

Printing Industries

A printing industry chatbot helps companies to provide the user an easy way to access photo gallery, edit photos, create gifs, and quickly print photos without the intervention of a human assistance. Movie and Event industry Everyone loves to watch movies at least once or twice a month. With a chatbot implemented, finding details about movies and events, finding available timings, booking a reservation, and initiating cancellation have been made easier, faster, and without assistance of a human. It has helped increased the business of online movie ticket and even ticket booking.

Health Bot

It is one of the most important bots that can answer more than 100 questions of people who have any query related to their kids’ health, any specific health issue, etc. It provides recommendations based on the questions. It helps finding a doctor nearby.

See how MedChat is using to help customers over chat.

E-commerce industry

Today, the e-commerce industry is one of the most talked industries across the world, including the US, UK, India, and many other countries. This industry demands many types of chatbots covering different needs. For example, the product suggestion bots helps customers finding the best product as per their requirements, price alerts bot sends price alerts to customers, gift assistance bot helps people select the best gift based on the occasion, and more.

Start shopping for flowers from 1-800-Flowers on Facebook messenger without ever calling 1-800-Flowers.

Customer Service Industry

This is a vertical in almost every organization. Be in an e-commerce industry or any other, customer service has been an integrated part of it. And, as today people are more inclined to messaging than calls, customer service bots are replacing human assistance with the automated message service. A good example of this chatbot is LiveChat, which you often see in website asking if “the company can assist you.” You as a customer feel that the message has been sent to you by a human assistance but in fact the chatbot is working behind with its intelligent algorithm sending welcome message, collecting basic information, etc.

Travel Industry

Another importance of chatbots can be seen in the Travel industry. Here a bot can reduce the work load by sending ticket confirmation details, check in notifications, and other such important information automatically to the customer. Without a bot, human intervention is required for these tasks.

Personal Bots

Apart from the industry based bots, many companies develop bots for the personal interest of people. For example, a weather alert bot sends information about the current weather condition.

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