Chatbot Platforms Review
September 18, 2016

Chatbot Platforms Review

With the increasing craze of social media among netizens, the development of chatbots has been on the fly as well. Many top companies have been competing to provide its users the best chatbots and platforms using which they can easily develop customized bots. For example,,,, and many other bots are there, including personal assistant bots like Google Allo, Facebook M, and Let us have a comparison of these bots that are making the tasks of organizations easier to stay connected with their customers.

Facebook M

Unlike Google Allo, which itself is a conversational chatbot (can be called an app), Facebook M is a platform that allows developers an option to build their own customized chat bots. This is a nice option for businesses, as using Facebook M they can develop some customized bots to provide automated customer support, delivering guidance, receiving feedback on orders, and a lot more. With Facebook M, the motto of Facebook is to stay competent with other top chatbot platforms like Kik, Slack, etc. It will also increase the loyalty of Facebook among businesses, as today, Facebook is used a lot for promotional activities and customer engagement. With a new chatbot platform, Facebook will offer businesses one more vertical to stay on Facebook for increased customer engagement and marketing.

It is a platform backed by robust API, yet easy to use so that you can develop your own bot quickly. You can develop chatbots that are compatible with SMS, email, web platforms, Facebook messenger, Slack, and other APIs. Four packages are available from which you can select the best as per your needs. The packages are Free, Small, Medium, and Large. The Free package allows you to create maximum 2 bots, small package lets you create 5 bots, medium package allows you to create 50 bots, and if you still want more, then go ahead with the large package, which allows creating 100 bots. (09/19: Now part of Google)

With the help of, you can develop your own customized, conversational chatbot. The best part of this platform is you need not to be an expert coder or a developer; your basic knowledge is good enough. It provides easy integration with slack to help you develop your own chatbot. First, you will have to design the bot, second you need to connect it to the web service, and finally launch it.

Google Allo

Recently, Google has announced the launch of Allo, which is its smartly designed Chatbot (app) that allows users to connect and chat with other people. It not only lets people chat using text and animated graphics but also allows them to find friends using other Google services like gmail, phone numbers, etc.

(C) Google (our website)

This chat bot has been specifically designed to be published on Facebook to help you simplify your business while increasing engagement with the customers. This bot is available in some of the customized formats, such as E-commerce order processing, Online quotes, Appointments, and Sales Force Integration. For example, if you want to have a personal assistance bot to be available in your Facebook page, gives you that platform.

These are some of the top chatbots and their platforms. As you see different chatbot platforms are offering different options and strategies, you may choose the best as per your requirement and budget. Some free options are available as well.

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