Communication Strategies for Solar Installers
July 15, 2022

Communication Strategies for Solar Installers

The solar industry is increasing in popularity as fossil-fueled energy sources are becoming higher in price and cleaner solutions are in-demand. Solar energy is not a new concept. In fact, the first silicon photovoltaic cell was developed all the way back in 1954. It’s no secret that the solar industry has undergone massive advancements throughout the years, but companies within the industry are reluctant to adopt a modern digital communication strategy. Customers have become technologically savvy and are looking for assistance in places that solar companies haven’t adapted to.

Modern-day customers have come to expect an omnichannel experience and the unfortunate truth is that most solar companies aren’t delivering. As a solar installation specialist, it’s imperative to offer communication avenues through multiple channels. If your company isn’t providing the opportunity for in-market customers to find you in places other than your website, you are missing out on additional revenue-generating solar contracts.

Solar Installation Specialists

Botsplash + Solar

Botsplash’s omnichannel customer engagement platform offers an excellent opportunity for solar installation companies to converse with their leads from multiple channels such as web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, and more. Our solar solution is simple. We provide a path for your business to immediately engage and capture high-intent solar shoppers through new channels for a more pleasing experience and increased revenue.

Have current workflow applications already in use? We also offer many integration options, so your existing programs can be tied to the Botsplash dashboard for a unified experience. Our integration solutions are so comprehensive that as long as your program offers an open API we can make the connection.

Enhance Your Online Presence

Customers can be found in every digital angle imaginable. Implementing a strategy that offers communication opportunities in additional places can help your business more effectively reach its target customers and minimize lead loss. As customers find your company and submit inquiries, Botsplash funnels them into one easy-to-use dashboard. Automation can be set up to answer common questions and schedule appointments, while engaging in live chat can nurture meaningful and long-lasting customer relationships.

Representatives from your company can manage conversations using numerous time-saving features such as canned responses, scheduled send, single sign-on, and more. It has never been easier to offer quick and individualized communication for new leads.

The Value of Solar and Communication

As a solar installer, you are providing consumers with a natural way of producing energy through environmental factors already available. Your installations increase property value and are more affordable than ever. You can think of an omnichannel digital communication strategy in the same light. All of the channels are already available - and your customers are using them. The use of new communication tools and features can increase customer experience and the perceived value of your company. Sound familiar?

Just like purchasing a solar installation package, finding the right communication products can be critical for generating additional money going into your business account. The correct strategy can yield an increase in profit, sales, and leads.


Solar is a trending industry rising in popularity. Companies must move to a modern digital communication strategy to keep up with demand and build long-lasting relationships. Botsplash provides this solution. With an omnichannel strategy, your solar installation business can capture leads in new places, take advantage of new communication features, and increase chat representative efficiency. For more information about our platform or the communication solutions that we can provide for your business, reach out to us! We encourage you to also book a live demonstration where we can work together to determine if Botsplash is the right fit for your unique business needs.

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