Digital Tenant Qualification and Automation for Property Management
July 22, 2022

Digital Tenant Qualification and Automation for Property Management

Property management is a lucrative business, especially in today’s market. Housing and rental costs are on the rise and inventory is scarce. Depending on the amount and types of properties a property manager oversees, it can become difficult to filter through applications due to demand. An efficient solution to this increase in workload is the implementation of an automated communication process. Botsplash can provide live and automated solutions through multiple channels so that your future and current tenants have no issue finding a way to reach you.

The Vetting Process

Property managers should do their due diligence and conduct a thorough screening of new tenants to mitigate risk. Depending on the structure in place at your business, such a process can be overwhelming for one or more people to manage in a timely manner. It’s for this reason that automation is so useful as it provides the opportunity to automatically collect routine applicant information such as contact details, the unit/property of interest, and income. At this stage in the process, you or your team can decide if you want to interact with the applicant in a live conversation or take automation a step further.

Full Digital Tenant Qualification

The capability of automation is continuously advancing. Further tenant qualification can be conducted through integrated workflow applications. Collecting proof of income, processing credit checks, background check applications, and more can all be handled by your business through automation. We’re proud to integrate with some of the top programs in the property management industry and can integrate with most applications as long as an open API is available. This means that your current processes can be migrated into the Botsplash chat experience.

Popular Botsplash Property Management Features

Document Sharing

Botsplash gives users and customers the ability to securely exchange required application documents. Anything sent through our platform is encrypted at rest and in transit in order to protect sensitive data. As an extra security measure, file access can be limited to 30 minutes to ensure confidential information doesn’t reach the wrong hands.

Canned Messages

Automation is very useful for saving time, but not always an option. As a property manager, you will find that even deep into the process, repetitive questions will be asked and the responses are always the same. This is when canned messages can be utilized. Canned messages are a set of saved responses that allow you or another representative from your business to pull in order to address common questions. This is especially useful if you are working with multiple applicants at a time or just want to provide efficiency to a customer conversation.

Canned messages can be set at a company or individual level, which ensures that the answers provided to applicants are always accurate, timely, and spelled correctly.

Conversation Routing

Automated flows can be set up to route a tenant or applicant to the proper representative at your business. If a tenant engages in a chat, this feature is useful as it can ask pertinent questions in order to accurately route that individual to the correct area of your business whether it be leasing, maintenance, or something else.

New applicant customer experience improves when they are accurately and quickly routed to a representative that can help them with their query. Common questions about floorplans, scheduling a tour, or pricing can be immediately routed to the correct person at your company in order to address the customer in a timely manner.

Scheduled Send

Property management companies find the schedule send feature very useful for future communication deliverables such as reminders, notices, or alerts. A subtle nudge reminding a tenant that their rent is due in a few days or a notification about an upcoming pool party/event can foster a positive living experience at your properties. Maintenance updates or satisfaction surveys can also be sent using this feature.

Botsplash + Property Management

Botsplash is an omnichannel digital communication platform focused on making high-volume inquiries, applications, and issues more manageable for limited staff. We provide property management companies the ability to offer chat options in more channels for better reach and higher quality applicants. Representatives at your business can engage in conversations through multiple channels at a time on a single unified dashboard. Botsplash provides in-depth reporting features and on-demand customer support. Integrations with your current workflow programs typically take less than two weeks in order to mitigate any downtime that your company experiences.


It’s no secret that the property management industry is booming. Due to the influx in demand, owners should be investing in products that filter quality tenants from an inbound flood of applicants. Useful Botsplash features can increase your staff’s efficiency as they drive up resident satisfaction and customer experience. Intelligent automation offers an extra set of eyes on incoming messages as it answers questions, routes customers, and gathers information.

For more information about Botsplash or how we can help you capture, assist, and retain current and new residents, let us know! We would be happy to organize a live demo to determine if our platform is the correct solution for your current needs.

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