Efficiency Communication Strategies for Businesses
July 5, 2022

Efficiency Communication Strategies for Businesses

Every business opportunity starts with a conversation. Efficient communication practices and strategy is a key component for any successful business. Our prospects and customers rely on us for prompt updates on information and time sensitive materials. Based on the intent and knowledge of the customer, you may choose to offer different communication strategies. In this blog we discuss some of the most commonly adopted communication and engagement strategies and workflows. All cases discussed in this blog are reviewed with scope for web chat engagements.

Automated Conversations

If you are a lean team and most inquiries are catered towards scheduling an appointment or pre-qualification, then adopting some form of automated workflow is ideal. Automated conversations are great for sales and account executive bio pages where prospects and customers reach out to schedule an appointment. Another applicable use case would be to automate chat on your business website pages that house white-papers or other related knowledgebase information. In these instances, the automated chat experience can be presented as a question and answer module, with a fallback option to connect with a live agent.

Check out these automated, and automated-with-agent-fallback engagement experiences on our site:

Agent Page Demo

Why Botsplash

Live Conversations

Time matters when trying to close a deal on a car purchase, insurance renewal or when closing on a home mortgage; all might require several discussions with one or more agents and associates at your business to reach a decision. These conversations are smooth and convenient to the customer since responses are real-time and from an associate that is best suited to provide chat engagement. Once the customers' needs are identified, connect them with an available agent as soon as possible to maintain a positive experience.

With the Botsplash Mobile App for agents, we make it convenient for our users to take conversations on the go. Anytime a customer has a question, agents can very promptly respond using the mobile app. Our app is loaded with several features such as canned messages, scheduled responses, schedule follow up, and more. Reach out to bizdev@botsplash.com for a demo of the platform.

Archived Conversations

There are times the customer isn’t ready to transact. When business is done right and those customers are ready, even if it’s months later, you need to be able to accurately reengage as if no time has passed. Botsplash gives agents the ability to put customers into archived status so when a customer returns for a conversation, the status is automatically updated in the Botsplash platform and any other integrated systems. Additionally, all previous conversations and notes are easily accessible for reference. We also give users the ability to tag a conversation as “stalled” and mark it for revisit at a later date.

We hope you enjoyed reading about a few of the ways that Botsplash allows you to converse with your customers. Finding the right method for your unique application is important when trying to close a sale. We would love to hear from you and present a demo of Botsplash for your business. Schedule a demo with us and let’s start with a conversation!

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