Ditch the Landing Page with Facebook
May 28, 2019

Ditch the Landing Page with Facebook

Omnichannel messaging, multi-channel engagements, and Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) are the hottest and most popular digital marketing/growth hacking strategies. Having a digital presence in different digital channels and social platforms is great for consumer engagement, consumer retention, and consumer re-targeting.

There are different Facebook strategies that influence consumer engagements, such as:

  • Like/Share/Comments
  • CTAs to LandingPages
  • Reviews/Rating on Company Page
  • Follow/Like Company Page
  • Tag Company Page in Facebook posts

These are all great ways to drive relevance, traffic, and engagement to businesses in order to influence tentative transaction, but don’t necessarily promise a transaction at the time of engagement.

Have you researched the Facebook Messenger strategy? Can your business be booking more revenues in Facebook with a Facebook Messenger strategy? Absolutely! Facebook Messenger is a powerful tool on Facebook's platform. It is rapidly gaining traction and adoption. With balanced strategy for automation (chatbot) and live-chat (agent conversation) the ROI with Facebook can be much higher. Here is a simple, most widely used Facebook Ad view.

Landing Page CTAs  – Facebook Ads

  1. Sponsored ads in News Feeds
  2. Consumer clicks are redirected to company website or other alternatives.
  3. The redirect may be an extension to the ad, carrying the same message/product as in the ad.
  4. In case where the ad and landing page do not relate, you are quickly flagged for “click-bait” source and likely to lose the customer.
  5. At times, campaign managers may plug in a malformed or incorrect URL.

Now let’s take a look at Facebook Messenger implementation and how the engagement can transform into better, faster transactions.

Facebook Messenger for Company Page

(Image Source)
  1. Facebook Sponsored ads in News Feeds + Messenger Ads
  2. Consumer clicks on CTA "Send Message" 
  3. Interacts with Facebook Messenger
  4. With Botsplash, you can set up a chat flow that allows customers to engage with preliminary questionnaire and then direct/route to a certified business agent
  5. Schedule an Appointment! Make a Sale! Close a Deal! Record Orders! Browse for Products and Services  – you can offer so many options at one place. Interact and attend to multiple audience groups in a personalized manner.
Market --> Engage --> Converse --> Convert --> Re-engage

Reduce customer abandons. A customer can return to a state where they last engaged. Facebook platform is extensive, explore and get the best use of the platform.

Know your customer better. Analyze and predict based on they engagement and browsing interaction patterns. These are data-points to build RICHER and EFFICIENT customer journeys.

Be where your customers are: CTAs and redirects are boring. People need immediate “action items” while you have their interest and curiosity. Create and engagement to establish connection.

Some popular businesses that operate on Facebook Messenger  – 1800Flowers, Dominos Pizza, KLM Airlines – to name a few. Connect and engage in an instant.

Configure and launch:  lead management, routing, document exchange, and automation can be build all within a single platform with Botsplash. Business agents would never require to log into Facebook to engage with prospects.

Hope you have enjoyed this write up and find it useful. Whether you operate a RealEstate, Dentistry, Home Sales, Mortgage Lending, Car Sales, Clothing or Restaurant … the list is endless. Now is the time to “GO BEYOND” Landing Pages and catchy CTAs.

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