Filing a Claim Isn't Always a Negative Experience
July 29, 2022

Filing a Claim Isn't Always a Negative Experience

Filing an insurance claim is rarely a fun process. Adding to the frustration, most insurance companies use outdated communication processes that make the customer experience redundant and inefficient. Long wait times, multiple transfers, and a lack of transparency are commonplace but don’t have to be. While an insurance company may not be able to reverse the unfortunate event(s) that the policyholder has been through, providing a well-rounded communication experience during the claim filing process can build long-term relationships and increase customer satisfaction.

Good Experience Starts at Availability

Availability is one of the most important aspects of customer satisfaction. Your policyholders are paying premiums and, in return, expect that your company is ready for them when they need you. These individuals are in multiple places at a time and shouldn’t have to search for a way to talk to you. Offering a communication option on multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, SMS, and web chat ensures that your policyholders have no difficulties chatting with an agent.

Once a customer starts the claim process on their chosen channel, your company can decide to greet them with a live representative or a bot can pick up the conversation. The flexibility between the two methods can ensure prompt service and can increase agent efficiency as automation gathers necessary information. Combining the two methods provides massive time-saving benefits for busy claims agents and decreases high call volume.

After all necessary customer information is collected, a live agent can pick up the conversation right where the bot left off. The responses gathered will ensure that the customer starts the interaction with a representative from the proper department and that your agents are ready to assist. Custom flows can also be set up, so the conversation is conducted at your company’s preference and follows all compliance or regulatory measures.

Continuous Communication is Important

After a policyholder has successfully filed a claim, it’s essential to keep them up to date throughout the process. Simple status updates through SMS can ease a customer’s mind and decrease the number of “check-up” calls that your claims representatives receive. Once the claim number has been created, the customer can check their status through automated processes on their chosen channel. If you are using a CRM or other program, we offer integration options to merge your existing workflow application features with our platform for a unified experience.


Filing a claim is a stressful task that is expected to be a long, drawn-out process. It’s refreshing to a policyholder when an insurance company can offer prompt service and continuous updates on any developments with their claims. Communication is crucial to customer satisfaction, and being available on multiple channels allows for customers to reach you right where they find you.

If you’re interested in Botsplash’s insurance solutions or want to see our platform in action, book a demo with us! We can provide a walk-through of our features and demonstrate how an omnichannel customer engagement platform can take your company to the next level.

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