Generating and Retaining New Leads for Solar Installers
December 2, 2022

Generating and Retaining New Leads for Solar Installers

Solar energy adoption is expected to triple in the next three years, increasing from 129 GW today to 336 GW by 2027. With the substantial consumer interest in solar-powered solutions on the horizon, your solar installation business needs to pursue more modern ways to reach, communicate with, and manage your customers. An increasing number of solar companies are emerging into the market, and it’s important to provide an experience that makes your business stand out.

At Botsplash, we offer our solar industry clients a way to reach potential customers in more places while providing an array of communicative features to keep your sales team efficient in the process. Our omnichannel solution makes it a cinch to engage with new leads, manage current customers, and retarget old business. Similar to how your sales team pitches the ease of your installation process, we can integrate with your existing workflow applications and have you on your way to more meaningful conversations in less than two weeks. As solar energy becomes increasingly popular, it’s vital to adopt a more modern engagement approach.

Solar Companies Should Be in Multiple Places at Once

Your consumers are seeking information and they can obtain it in one of two ways…

  1. Through online research
  2. By connecting with a representative at your company
  3. Through referrals

You can probably guess that the “connecting with a representative” option would be most effective for driving new business, but the first step is to ensure availability. If your business doesn’t offer an opportunity for immediate engagement on multiple channels, you're missing out on valuable leads that can be bumped to the next level in the sales funnel.

Our solar solutions expand your reach and provide an efficient and intuitive experience for both the agent and the customer. Your customers are searching for answers using the channels below - make sure your company is available on them.

Web Chat

Solar shoppers are naturally curious and go to your website to understand the installation process. Unfortunately, most providers don’t provide an easy way for customers to ask questions outside of a simple form fill. Web chat allows your visitors (and prospective customers) to engage with your team and get the answers they need to schedule an installation with you. Through live and automated processes, your team can manage incoming leads efficiently and effectively, as automation complements the efforts of live representatives. Once a conversation is initiated, your team can access to numerous features, including appointment scheduling tools, multi-agent chat, document sharing, and more.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an excellent tool, popular across all demographics. The messaging platform has a staggering 1.3 billion monthly active users and is the second most downloaded app in the app store. Our solar installation clients have found B2C advertising on Facebook to be highly effective, resulting in high engagement on Messenger. Once a conversation has started, the representative can choose to migrate the exchange to another channel of the customer’s choosing, and all conversational history will be stored and accessible regardless of where the chat is moved to.

Google’s Business Messages

As prospects start to look for solar information, nine times out of ten, they will begin with a Google search. It’s no secret that Google is a powerhouse regarding online browsing, processing 8.5 billion searches daily and making up 92% of the market share. After considering these statistics, it’s clear that providing a CTA on your company’s Business Profile  can encourage additional engagement with your agents. This function is easy and quick to set up.

Use and Offer Tools That Encourage New Leads to Take the Next Steps

The simple act of being available in the right places isn’t enough. Your company must also offer convenient tools and solutions that encourage shoppers to move forward in the sales process. During the initial contact with a new lead, it’s vital to be clear and concise when addressing their needs. Efficiency plays a critical role in the average consumer’s decision-making process. Botsplash offers numerous features that make the engagement process more timely and convenient:

Canned Messages

Using canned messages, your team can apply pre-saved responses to address frequent inquiries. This feature saves valuable time for both the agent and consumer and makes simultaneous chatting easier. Your team can save these messages at an individual, department, or company level.

Document Sharing

Document sharing allows your sales team to share resources about your product, financing offers, quotes, and more. Individuals connecting with you can download these resources for additional education gathering and use quotes to obtain personal financing.


Bookme is a popular new feature on Botsplash. It allows users to provide a link that leads directly to their calendar within a conversation. This makes it very easy for the customer as it provides an opportunity to book an appointment on their terms when it’s convenient for them. In relation, agents enjoy Bookme for the hands-off approach to appointment scheduling. During the initial setup, each representative from your team can define their availability and the types of appointments they would like to offer.


The solar installation busy season is here, and it’s vital to encourage engagements on the channels that your customers are already on. Shoppers will be searching for additional information, and representatives from your company must be available to capture those leads and turn them into paying customers. Botsplash offers multiple features that make communication easier for both parties and encourage shoppers to move forward in the sales process.

For additional information about Botsplash or the solar solutions we can provide for your company, reach out to us! We can provide an in-depth demonstration of our platform and work with your team to ensure we’re the right fit for your consumer engagement strategy.

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