Google Business Messages: Three Reasons Why
November 16, 2021

Google Business Messages: Three Reasons Why

Google began offering a free-to-use communication service called “Google Business Messages” in 2017. This feature allowed companies to efficiently chat with their customers from the search results on mobile devices, and as of February 2021, on desktop. In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is on the go and looking for immediate answers to their questions. Google Business Messages is the answer. Simply use a phone or computer and type a company name into Google search and Voilà! If the company has it configured, you have direct messaging through both search results and maps right at your fingertips. Why is this important? Today, the tech giant owns approximately 86% of the desktop market and around 95% of the mobile search market share. This equates to 12 billion searches a year! It’s no secret that Google monopolizes the search industry, so wouldn’t it be wise to accept conversations from it?

How It Started

In June 2020, Botsplash was one of roughly 25 companies that entered into a preliminary partnership program allowing the company to include conversations from Google Business Messages within its platform. This provided Botsplash users with an additional digital channel  as part of their omnichannel experience.

Google Business Messages Initial Chat
Google Business Messages Full Chat Example

The following three reasons cover the importance of adopting Google Business Messaging into a communication strategy:

It’s Simple To Use, Easy To Set Up, and Increases Market Reach

Really! Business Messages easily allows users to leverage the most widely used search engine as a medium for customer interaction. The Botsplash support team can assist you through the registration process. If you would prefer to set up your account yourself, you can do so by following the process below…

  • Login to your Google My Business account.
  • Click “Messages” in the sidebar.
  • Turn Messages ON.
  • Click “customize” and follow the process below.
  1. Create the company brand. This is the company’s name, not too hard.
  2. Create the company agent. This is the part of the process that gives the business an identity. Add details such as a logo, business hours, a welcome message, and more.
  3. Create the location. This step will require a “Place ID.” This is the unique identification code that Google assigns to the business. Conduct a “Place Search” if the Place ID is unknown. This ID will define the geographic location.
  4. Verify the agent. This step will require a defined representative to check their email for a message asking to confirm the registration.
  5. Verify the location. Once the representative (agent) has verified the company's account, location verification will be available.
  6. It’s ready! The agent should already be launched and ready to go. It’s time for a new way of communication!

For additional questions, you can also contact Google by clicking here for additional help. Post setup, Botsplash can tie all Google Business Messages in with other channel offerings such as SMS, call forwarding and video call, Facebook Messenger, web chat, and more!

Google Messages Logo with Blue Hue

Companies Are Using Google Business Messages

Google Business Messages are quickly rising in popularity and messaging demands are especially apparent since the start of the pandemic. Due to the massive market penetration and overwhelming reach that Google provides, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to deciding whether or not to run conversations through it - regardless of the industry. A large number of companies have already set up the feature on their Google profiles knowing that it will provide an enriched customer service experience.

Take Full Advantage of The Botsplash Platform

The Botsplash platform allows for the automation and coordination of client interactions through Google Business Messages and numerous additional channels. Business Messages is an excellent resource as it presents a way for a company to be in front of potential customers across all devices, whenever they search on Google.

Bostplash makes the process simple - search, find, connect. When a customer discovers a Google My Business profile and initiates a conversation, Botsplash’s customizable chatbot jumps in. Between the live and automated process, companies and customers can take advantage of the rich features including the following:

  • Image, video, and document sharing
  • Typing indicators (a message bubble the appears when the chat agent is typing)
  • Carousels that drive purchases (a maximum of ten cards that give guidance to the conversation by providing options or shortcuts to specific products or services on a website)
  • Suggested replies
  • Delivery confirmations and read receipts
  • Plus more!

Conversations on Google Business Messages may be the piece of the puzzle that your company is looking for. Botsplash offers a comprehensive product allowing our users to cover their digital communication requirements from every angle.


Google Business Messages is an effective messaging tool that can benefit almost any type of business. On average the typical person conducts three to four searches a day on Google. Don’t miss out on messaging opportunities that allow you to genuinely “Be Where Your Customers Are”! For more information about Google Business Messages or how to get set up, please reach out to us. You’re one step away from more closed deals.

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