How to Create Better Profile Pages for Your Agents
October 31, 2022

How to Create Better Profile Pages for Your Agents

Online presence and content for your business matters. Information pages for agents and customer-serving support staff is just as important. New prospects, customers in flight, and close clients all appreciate the ability to reach out to your business with questions and inquiries with an easy-to-access approach. If your company have these inbound conversation methods can be enabled for 24x7 convenience, then be assured your business website is a hot bookmark and never to be forgotten site. In this blog, we share some tips that enhance your business presence, drive traffic with relevant content, and provide a rich platform for your agents to connect with their prospects and clients on.

At Botsplash, we maintain personal profile pages too. Check out some examples below:

My Page

My Calendar

The essentials of a good profile page

  1. Headshot: a clear, front-facing, and well-lit profile photo. A profile image is essential to building, developing, and maintaining both personal and brand relationships. If you prefer wearing company-branded or approved merchandise, that may enhance the display of your commitment to the business brand and its operations.
  2. Contact Information: your name, license information as necessary, email address, phone, social media profile (if applicable), and any appointment scheduling app you might use to allow your customers to schedule time with you.
  3. Short bio or summary of services: your expertise, latest testimonial, recent awards/ accolades, and more. Let the customer connect with you to learn more about you and feel encouraged to work with you.
  4. About me: extend your bio to tell a bit about yourself. How you started out in the scope of your current role or your unique selling or servicing proposition. Doing so will allow the reader/buyer to connect and relate with you. It’s in the about me section where you can use some targeted keywords to stay relevant, or indicate that you serve a specific audience such as VA or a similar crafted audience.
  5. A welcome video or series of videos: These videos can be short takes or scripted and edited long-form content.
  6. Fun facts or other interesting stories about yourself: a trip you will never forget, the most memorable client story, or a guilty pleasure. When these facts are shared, you can build a connection with the prospective client that might be looking to learn more about you before a conversation. Let them know you are approachable and you are there to help them with their needs.
  7. A CTA: a clear call-to-action- what should they do to reach out to you? Should they text, schedule an appointment, or click to live-chat? You may provide one or more options based on the time of the day, day of the week, or just availability in general. At a minimum, provide at least two means of outreach, and yes please avoid a “long” form with more than 5 questions. No one wants to fill out a long form with highly sensitive personal information is too much to ask for.

Below you can find an example of of our contact pages for a team member at Botsplash:

Willem Osuch

We hope you have enjoyed this short and informative blog. If you have any questions about implementing an agent profile page, please feel free to reach out to us for a sounding board session ( Interested in learning more about Botsplash and how we can help you with your profile page enhancements or embedding tools to encourage prospects to initiate conversations? Please schedule a demo with our team and so we can provide a deep-dive demo of Botsplash. Improve your business’s customer engagement and drive conversations by meeting your customers where they are.

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