How to Effectively Communicate with Your Tenants
January 31, 2023

How to Effectively Communicate with Your Tenants

Well-rounded landlord-tenant communication is essential in providing a stress-free living  experience for residents. Inquiries regarding lease policies, move-in/move-out procedures, maintenance requests , and more should be effortless and timely. Property managers must adopt modern solutions that accelerate the typical, monotonous renter engagement process to provide this on-demand service the average consumer has come to expect.

Omnichannel engagement platforms such as Botsplash lay the foundation for property management teams and their  residents with a comprehensive communication solution. Through the use of new channels, numerous efficiency and safety features, and endless integration options, your team will have the tools to converse effectively with renters.

Landlord Communication

Flexible Communication Methods

Large property management companies handle an influx of daily inbound queries through multiple channels and communication methods at the resident’s preference. On the user side of Botsplash, leasing agents can manage these messages efficiently all within a unified dashboard. Cross-channel conversations become easy with an organized process in place and tenants can choose to connect with their landlords via the channel most convenient for them at a given time. Using previous conversations to shape future engagement, your team can reference the top channels of engagement for a given resident and use that information to shape future outreach.

Unannounced Changes Can be Stressful

Change is an element of life that is necessary, but often unwelcomed. Renters become accustomed to everyday life at your property, so when you have updates, renovations, or repairs, notifications should be sent to alert them ahead of time. Doing so gives current residents an opportunity to ask questions or make adjustments if it pertains to their particular unit. Nobody likes unannounced visitors, ensure that you are giving the common courtesy and sending notifications ahead of time.

Critical Communication

Property management teams must be prepared for the unlikely event of an emergency. Renters consider the safest communities to be gated, well lit, and monitored by surveillance. Landlords who implement all of these safeguards shouldn’t stop at the physical aspect of protection, but should also provide timely digital alerts for high-priority items. Everything from weather event threats to crime reporting should be sent to residents via SMS in an efficient manner. As a result of doing so, your properties will be better maintained and residents will feel safer, enhancing the overall living experience.

Personalize Your Approach

It is important for your  residents to feel like their landlord knows them personally, even if you run a team that manages hundreds of properties. Botsplash offers multiple features that allow property management agents to communicate efficiently and with a personalized approach. One such feature is token replacement capability. Templated messages can be sent with the  tenants name and other relevant information present at the time of execution. This minimizes work for the leasing office but still provides the resident with a personalized one-to-one experience.

Gentle Reminders

In the busy world we live in, it’s easy to forget and sometimes a gentle reminder is welcome. Residents find it helpful when landlords send reminders about things such as upcoming rental payments, lease renewals, events on the property, or changes to community amenities.  Messages such as these are convenient for the customer and ensures the entire operation runs smoothly. Best of all, providing all information the resident would need at their convenience gives the leasing office the bandwidth to focus on other items.

Ready to Take a Virtual Tour of Botsplash?

At Botsplash we encourage meaningful B2C conversations especially within the property management industry. The main complaint renters have is the lack of transparency and timeliness from their landlords. We aim to change this perspective by providing your team with the tools needed to succeed. A properly set up omnichannel solution yields better customer satisfaction, support, and retention.

Connect with our conversation specialists today for a comprehensive demonstration of Botsplash. We will walk through the different ways our platform has helped property management teams such as yours engage with residents more efficiently.

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