Introducing Spanish Translation
March 30, 2022

Introducing Spanish Translation

Many potential buyers or borrowers in the U.S. are either exclusively Spanish-speaking or would prefer to communicate in Spanish, even when English is an option. Unfortunately, many companies do not or are not able to accommodate this need. We at Botsplash are excited to have begun the process of providing better service to these individuals by integrating language translation into our agent dashboard and by offering the ability to directly connect them to Spanish-speaking agents. In the future, we hope to expand translation options even further, in the event that a Spanish-speaking agent is not available or that configuration has not yet been set up. For now, if a visitor sends a message in Spanish, the English translation is provided to his or her assigned agent(s) in the chat window. The functionality of this new feature is described below.

Detect & Translate

The translation process begins as soon as a visitor sends a message. When the message arrives, our system detects the language in which it is written using a carefully selected algorithm, then supplies a confidence score. Once a message is labeled with good confidence as Spanish, Botsplash automatically shows the translated version in the agent dashboard. To accomplish this, we assessed multiple open-source and proprietary machine learning packages, as well as an in-house approach, and conducted A/B testing. In time, this resulted in a consensus on the best implementation and user experience. As shown in the image below, both the original message as well as the translation to English are provided, and agents can also click "Hide Translation" if desired.

Spanish Translate Example
Sample portion of agent dashboard

Connect (optional)

Agents can also select a language preference for chat conversations in their profile settings (English or Spanish). With Spanish selected, it is possible to direct visitors to Spanish-speaking agents to ensure great communication, especially if visitors are more comfortable conversing in Spanish.

With a small amount of additional setup (speak with your Botsplash administrator or get in touch with our Client Success department at, Spanish-speaking agents can access these leads and provide a positive experience for them.

#BeWhereYourCustomersAre is the Botsplash tagline not just because we facilitate lead conversions through many different channels, but also because we understand that everyone has a different background and method of communication. Being able to understand someone - literally - is what connections are made of.

Contact us if you would like a demo of the Botsplash platform or are a current client wanting to get Spanish translation set up for your company. Follow us on social media for more content like this!

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