Powerful Versions of Web Chat
July 21, 2021

Powerful Versions of Web Chat

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or read “Chat Bot”, “Chat Widget”, or “Web Chat”? Collect your thoughts and get ready.

Web Chat Box Simple
Web Chat Box 2

In this blog, we present different options for display and configuration of a web chat. The three most important reasons why different display options are necessary are:

  1. Data is covered or hidden when chat opens - Movable Chat
  2. Floating chat can be distracting on some pages - Inline Chat
  3. Deploy chat on button or link action - On-Demand Chat

1) Move the chat around, so you can refer to data on the page without the need to close-open-close the chat widget. Very often the consumer might need to scroll the page for information or they might prefer a different location on the page to place the chat-widget while they are browsing or interacting with the widget. A movable widget facilities uninterrupted engagement.

Movable Widget Demonstration

2) Host a chat or form within a blog or content page. Not all pages are good candidates to house a floatable chat-widget. Some call for the need to have an embedded form view of the widget. These are great especially for collecting form-based information, or better yet, to gather feedback/suggestions based on some content on the page. Feel free to schedule time to connect with our team for a demo!

3) Action-based chat-widget display. This form is useful when you want the customer to focus on the information listed on the page, but also provide a quick CTA to launch a chat-widget.

The three most important reasons why and when different action-based configuration options are necessary:

  • Knowledge base / Self Help - You have a large public and/or private content library which are not quite structured on the website. With our Knowledge base setup, we can generate grouped content that will list relevant content based on search keywords.
  • Self Serve - Form collection or after hours support instructions. These could offer flows for scheduling a call/appointment or submitting a ticket. We’d be happy to hear your specific use-case and design a flow that most effectively protects from being lost lead.
  • Live Chat for time sensitive assistance - setup multiple escalation level based lead assignment flows. When need is urgent, get an agent to the customer. With agent availability, robust fuzzy agent routing and agent mobile app, optimize agent availability and minimize response time to seconds.

Keep following us as we will have more content with examples and use cases that explore these 3 forms on Action-based chat.

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