Should BDC Be Omnichannel?
April 13, 2022

Should BDC Be Omnichannel?

Due to the effects caused by the pandemic, it’s essential for automotive sellers to have a strong online customer engagement process in place. With so many individuals conducting the entire purchase process from home, it’s important to provide options beyond traditional communication methods (i.e. email and phone). It’s for this reason that Business Development Companies (BDCs) must adopt an omnichannel strategy to provide competitive results for their dealership customers. Botsplash offers all of the tools that your agents need to not only provide top-notch customer service but also sell more cars.

What does a BDC omnichannel strategy look like?

Omnichannel is the process of unifying multiple communication channels within a single platform to achieve a more positive customer and agent experience. Using Botsplash, BDC agents can converse with customers through web chat, SMS, Google’s Business Messages, Facebook Messenger, video calling, and more, all on a single dashboard.

After minimal training, your agents can begin experiencing the benefits of numerous features that make the Botsplash chat process more efficient and user-friendly. Some of these features can be found listed below.

Single Sign-On

With single sign-on, your agents no longer have to worry about a mix of passwords for multiple applications. The Botsplash platform works flawlessly with your existing workflow for speedy integration and team management.

Scheduled Send

Schedule send gives your agents flexibility when communicating with car shoppers. Using this feature, they can pick a time in the future to send a message to a customer. This can be found useful when chatting after-hours or when scheduling follow-up messages.

Appointment Scheduling

Shoppers and customers are online when a dealer may be closed. Using a chat widget, a BDC can schedule sales and service appointments with ease.

Canned Messages

Efficiency is the name of the game in the automotive industry. Canned messages allow your agents to pull pre-written messages for quick responses and consistent professionalism. These messages can be saved on an individual, team, or company basis for collaborative use.

Mobile Application

With the Botsplash mobile application, your agents don’t have to worry about missing a chat, text, or message. Whether they’re on the go, it’s after hours, or they’re on vacation, they can always be sure that they’re available.


We couldn’t discuss omnichannel without outlining the importance of integrations. We offer multiple automotive integration options that allow your BDC to continue using the programs and applications that are already in place. The integration process is quick and we offer compatibility options for most programs with an open API.  

Don’t match the dealership’s process, enhance it.

There are many reasons for a dealership to hire a BDC company, some of which include a lack of personnel, a desire to increase appointments, perhaps to improve contact rates, or to save money. While all of these reasons are valid, at the end of the day they hired you because their previous process wasn’t working.

Typical BDC customers are small, family-owned dealerships with a few locations at most. These dealerships tend to be “old school” in their processes and they rarely stray away from their outdated communication methods. It’s for this reason that your BDC should focus on transitioning to an omnichannel strategy to modernize the ways that customers can reach your client’s dealership. Doing so will provide better results and build long-term relationships.


An omnichannel BDC will not only provide better results for the dealerships that they work with but will also expand their product offering to be more competitive in the current market. Such an approach builds credibility and trust between consumers and agents, resulting in more long-term relationships for the dealer and the BDC.

If your BDC is looking for an omnichannel strategy that will accelerate results, Botsplash is here for you. Schedule a no-obligation demo or find more information by clicking here.

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