The Digital Landlord: Botsplash
January 26, 2023

The Digital Landlord: Botsplash

It doesn’t matter if you manage one property with a few tenants or numerous properties with many residents, the need for accurate, efficient, and well rounded communication is the same. The most prominent customer complaint in the property management industry is the lack of responsiveness and an absence of urgency on the landlord side. An engagement offering that only consists of emails and form fills is a recipe for inconsistent support, yet many property managers only provide these methods.

Modern times call for modern solutions, especially in regards to your communication strategy. The average consumer has upgraded their conversational preferences and you should follow suit to provide the best experience possible. This means adding new channels such as SMS, web chat, Facebook Messenger, and more to your engagement process can improve tenant experience, streamline support processes for your staff, and capture new residents in places that you couldn’t before.

Botsplash offers this communicative expansion while giving your team the ability to manage every conversation from a single unified dashboard, regardless of the channel that the conversation originated from. This prevents juggling multiple conversations in different places and trims the need for additional support staff as efficient features and automated processes are introduced.

Botsplash + Property Managers

Property management teams AND tenants should be communicating regularly, and it should be simple to do so. Botsplash helps with this, providing open and clear lines of communication for tenants to reach out via the method most convenient for them. Efficient features available on the administrative side ensures that your management team can conduct effective conversations. Some of these features can be found below:

Canned Messages

Questions such as “where do I submit a maintenance request” or “can I see a copy of my lease” are commonplace within property management. Using canned messages, your team can save common responses to answer these types of inquiries to save time and improve efficiency. Simply type up a response, save it, and during future interactions, your team can quickly pull them from a list of options instead of composing them each time. While canned messages aid in response times, they also mitigate any inaccuracies such as spelling errors, non compliant messaging, or professionalism inconsistencies.

Schedule Send

Schedule send is as it sounds - an effective message scheduling option that your team can utilize to send outbound responses, reminders, or notices with at a designated date and time. When using this tool, any inbound communication received will automatically cancel a scheduled response to prevent confusion. If a tenant prefers to receive messages after hours, no problem! Simply schedule the message for the time most convenient for them and forget about it.

Conversation Routing

Larger property management teams enjoy the conversation routing functionality within Botsplash. Due to their companies consisting of different “departments” all facilitating different tasks such as maintenance and leasing, it’s reasonable to assume residents will be engaging for different reasons and will need to chat with a specific department. Botsplash takes the human element out of the process and uses keyword-based triggers to route the conversations to the representatives at your company.

Spanish Translate

Keeping lines of communication open between your company, the tenants you serve, and HOAs can be challenging if you don’t have a bilingual representative on staff. The Botsplash Spanish translate feature automatically translates inbound messages so that they can be read by English speaking agents.

Post-Pandemic Landlord Communication

Your company provides a safe space for tenants to lay their heads, and did so for many during uncertain times. While the effects of the shutdowns are diminishing, one thing still remains and doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon: remote work environments. Places of living have now turned into offices meaning that your tenants are around more to enjoy your property.

With Botsplash, it’s simple to send regular notices or alerts informing your residents of changes to their residences or the surrounding grounds. If you manage multiple properties or shared living spaces, create an SMS campaign of upcoming events or parties for neighbors to meet each other. Doing so can improve their living experience at your location and keep the community safer.

Botsplash Works With Your Current Workflow Applications

Many property management clients have CRMs and other programs in place before introducing Botsplash. Through numerous integrations, Botsplash can tie into your current workflow applications to enhance your team’s engagement experience without affecting your day-to-day processes. This cuts down on required training and unnecessary downtime to ensure your team has time to address tasks waiting on them. Through 45+ integrations and counting, there is a solution in place for your business even if you use a proprietary program! As long as your application has an open API, Botsplash will work to streamline the process and have you up and running in two weeks or less.


Communication is key for property management teams who want to convey transparency, support, urgency. Providing regular engagement opportunities between you and your tenants is essential in keeping your property in the best physical and financial condition possible. Through numerous features, integrations, and new channels, Botsplash acts as a helping hand for your already busy team.

If you are interested in learning more about us or would like a live demonstration of the product, please reach out to us for a demo. Our team would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our omnichannel platform and the benefits that it can provide for your property management team.

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