Tips for Generating High-Quality Leads on Facebook
January 28, 2021

Tips for Generating High-Quality Leads on Facebook

Facebook has long been known as the largest social network, boasting 2.74 billion users as of September 2020. While the enormity of the platform can seem overwhelming, there are ways that marketers can optimize their use of the platform to generate high-quality leads for their business. 

Facebook Messenger is the hidden gem of Facebook. While email open rates are between 5% and 10%, Facebook Messenger open rates averages 70%-80%. Not to mention, customers who converse with a brand are 3x more likely to make a purchase. Need more convincing? Using Facebook Messenger as your ad landing page ensures that it is optimized for mobile, which means no more tedious hours spent on landing pages! Follow these three simple tips to start generating leads at a low cost for your business to nurture and convert into customers. 

1. Automated Message Flows


  • Test the automated flow within your organization! This will reveal awkward ordering or phrasing of the questions.
  • Monitor the flow of questions and watch to recognize patterns. Botsplash can help you build models of frequently asked questions into a self-serve knowledge base.

The first question you may have is “How am I going to have the time to answer all the messages I will get from Messenger?” The answer? Automation. 

As automation has developed and is used more widely in conversational marketing, customers are not off-put by these messages anymore. Many of the flows can be written to feel natural so customers are comfortable engaging. Botsplash’s approach to digital messaging is to start with automation and then follow up with person-to-person engagement, and that can apply here as well. Automation won’t offload all the work, but it can certainly help. 

The goal behind the flows is also important to take into consideration. Automated flows for pre-qualification and/or lead filtering/nurturing, appointment scheduling, and product/service catalogue display are great places to start. 

While Facebook has automation options, tools like Botsplash can create an automated flow on Facebook Messenger helping keep all digital communication in one place for you and your team. No matter what platform you use, it’s important to keep the tone conversational (this is social media, after all) and to ask the right questions. 

2. Qualify Leads With Questions


  • Facebook automatically provides important visitor information, such as name, email, and phone number.
  • Add questions to your automated flow that would show high intent for your product.

Beyond the tone and order of questions, the types of questions you are asking are also important. To mimic a lead generation form, the first questions you ask should be lead qualifying questions. Since Facebook Messenger users are logged in, their name will automatically be collected which means one less question they have to answer.

Screenshot of the Botsplash platform. My name and profile photo was automatically pushed to the platform without sharing it in the chat conversation.

Besides their name, an email, phone number, and address can be self populated based on the user privacy settings. When this information is not accessible, platforms like Botsplash can be configured to prompt for user inputs using the automated flows that we discussed above.

Add questions that would show high intent for your product.  For example, if you are selling cars, you may ask “When are you looking to purchase your next vehicle?” or “Are you looking to buy a new or used car?”. 

With tools like Botsplash, the answer to these questions can feed directly into your CRM to enhance your sales process. Data consolidation also enhances 360 customer view and provides necessary information for future re-engagement and retargeting campaigns.

3. Click to Messenger Ads


  • Messenger CTAs for Facebook Ads perform better than other conversion-based ads. Plus, information is automatically collected from the platform.
  • Directing ads to Messenger reduces the effort when creating campaigns because Messenger is easy to customize and automatically optimized for mobile. No more landing pages! 

Facebook is one of the most effective and affordable paid media channels currently available to marketers. To further optimize your advertising, publish ads that click to Messenger. This will change the CTA on the ad to lead to a Messenger conversation. 

Screenshot from Facebook Ads Manager with a Messenger CTA. 

Once you have created your ad, you can then create the automated flow that you learned about above to receive qualifying information on your lead, all in the Messenger platform. Depending on your ad, the flows could look different. You can engage customers through discount codes, shopping experiences, customer support, and more - all directly in Messenger. 

Whether you’re looking for organic or paid social media engagement, Facebook Messenger is a powerful tool that can help your business generate high-quality leads at your customer’s convenience. 


Botsplash is an omnichannel digital messaging platform that can help your business meet your customers where they are. Optimize your customers’ journey and simplify lead generation and nurturing for your agents. Learn more about Botsplash and book a demo today. 

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