Top Efficiency Communication Features
June 30, 2022

Top Efficiency Communication Features

Looking to save some valuable time for your agents and chat representatives? At its core, Botsplash is focused on efficient and effective consumer interactions through multiple channels such as SMS, web chat, Facebook Messenger, and more. To achieve this, we offer many features that keep your agents productive and your customers satisfied. While there are so many features to choose from, we’ve picked the most popular options to highlight.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” -- Bill Gates

Canned Messages

Canned messages are a convenient collection of pre-saved responses that an agent can quickly pull from a list and send in a chat. For convenience and security, these messages can be saved on a company, department, or individual basis. This feature greatly amplifies agent efficiency as it allows them to quickly answer any common inquiries or immediately send an initial welcome message to a new lead. And with your compliance team’s input, you’ll be confident that your messages have their approval, saving time from going back and forth with them.

Scheduled Send

It’s not always the right time to send a message, which is where scheduled send comes in handy. By using this feature, an agent can easily schedule one or more messages to be sent at a future time. This is useful if it’s after hours and the agent can’t send a message until the morning or to send a reminder to a customer at a requested time. Best of all, all outbound messages follow TCPA restrictions and stay within your company’s compliance guidelines.

Multi-Agent Chat

Customers are sometimes unpredictable and will inquire about something that their current agent can’t address. In these instances, multi-agent chat gives the agent the ability to bring a more qualified representative into the conversation that is better suited for the situation. The capability of providing immediate support through an ongoing chat not only yields excellent customer service, but decreases the amount of time an agent will have to gather information from the customer that was already provided.

Single Sign-On

Tired of constantly logging into multiple platforms just to complete your daily tasks? Thanks to our comprehensive list of integrations and the single sign-on feature, our platform eliminates the need to keep track of multiple credentials. Just log into Botsplash and our dashboard provides access and communicates with the rest of your workflow applications. We are proud to provide a truly unified and efficient experience to make the login process easier for you and your team.

CRM Synchronization

Maintaining records for new and existing customers is of utmost importance for many sales agents and representatives. Understanding that a CRM is the bridge between a lead and a customer, Botsplash has put emphasis on the automated data transferral process between our platform and many top CRMs in the industry. Confidently use Botsplash knowing that the leads that are living in your CRM are also visible on our dashboard. This saves valuable agent time as it eliminates the need for cross referencing and manual input.


New leads don’t always immediately convert, and that’s part of the sales process. Staying in touch with them is important until they give you an answer, whether that’s tomorrow, next week, or next year. For this reason, Botsplash offers the option to schedule follow-ups directly from the platform. A follow-up reminder can remind both the agent and/or the customer to reengage in a past conversation. This feature saves valuable agent time and requires less to remember.


The old phrase “time is money” is not as far-fetched as you would think. Having the efficiency tools and resources available to you is directly correlated with an increase in sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction. With proper training and knowledge on how to properly use the Botsplash features mentioned in this article, you can rest easy knowing that you are using the most efficient consumer engagement capabilities on the market.

For more information about what productivity solutions we can provide or the impact that we can make on your consumer engagement strategy, reach out to us! We can offer a personalized demonstration of our platform to see if it’s the right fit for your needs.

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