Top Holiday Outreach Ideas
December 9, 2022

Top Holiday Outreach Ideas

Don't wait until the last minute to send holiday outreaches. We're here to save you time and share some of our company and team members' outreach ideas. We hope these ideas give you some inspiration and help you spark new conversations.

Greeting Cards

Mailing out greeting cards can be the personal touch needed this holiday season! If the recipient is local and you're able to hand-deliver the card accompanied by some Holiday treats, it's extra special. Let them know you are thinking about them this holiday and are available if they have any questions or need assistance.

In addition to a friendly holiday message, provide them with a quick pitch of your business offerings and the value add you can provide. This ensures that they will think about you when they start looking for your company's services.

TIP: add a short one-pager or your contact card along with the greeting. If applicable, consider including a gift card to show appreciation. QR codes with a quality destination are great as well. If you want to learn more about using QR codes to generate new business for your team, read our other blog.

Schedule a Text or Email to Be Sent to Your Existing Clients and Prospects

The text method works well if you already have a relationship with the recipient. Sending a text to wish them well is effective as it is sent on a more personal level. In an email, you can send your wishes with a gift card to a local coffee shop or something nice for the holidays.

Thank the client for their business and let them know how eager you would be to get the opportunity to work with them once again or with someone they know. If your company has an active referral program or offers discounts, this would be a perfect time to share that info. Word of mouth can be the most valuable business one can receive.

If you are trying to connect with a prospect, it's essential to express that you are excited about the opportunity to work with them in the future.

TIP: when sending an SMS message, keep it short and sweet. The suggested word count is 120 to 260 characters. You could also send emojis or a holiday picture(MMS).

Update Your Signature With Your Holiday OOO Schedule

Keep your network informed about your availability. Be proactive when reaching out to your high-priority clients and prospects. Ensure they are aware of your company and your personal schedule. This way, they can plan necessary activities or appointments to meet their needs without affecting your schedule.

If you allow customers to contact you when OOO, place a note in your email signature or set up an OOO automated response that details the process to contact you.

TIP: if you use a calendar scheduling app, review and confirm that your holiday schedule reflects it. With Botsplash, if you are using our Bookme feature, it will automatically sync with your outlook or other related calendars to make OOO dates unavailable.

Social Media for the Win

If you use social media to connect, engage, and network with prospects and clients, share some holiday cheer on these outlets. Post a holiday quote, offer a discount, or share a recorded video of yourself wishing everyone a great holiday season. Try to be sincere while also providing value to your audience.

TIP: tagging helps increase the visibility of your post. Tag your company, a few team members, or partners that assist your business on a routine basis.

Looking for holiday content for social media? Feel free to download and use our template here. It's marketing made easy!

Share a Review or Client Testimonial for the Year

Have you received any great testimonials, reviews, awards, or other forms of recognition this year? Whether these are personal to you or highlight your business' accomplishments, sharing them with your prospects and clients is valuable. Doing so will highlight the quality of service you offer and why it might be great to work with you and your company.

TIP: try to celebrate and recollect your friend's accomplishments as well. If you know of a recognition or award won by a client, prospect, or partner, it's always nice to shout out and congratulate them.

DIY Greeting Cards at Home

QR codes are a great way to encourage your network to engage with you. You can generate a QR code for a video you create or route the visitor to fun content hosted on your website. You can also print the QR code and send it as a greeting card or share it on social media to get your feed to engage with it.

Sincere Holiday Cards Can Drive Business

There are many ways to reach your prospects, friends, partners, and family during the holidays, but choosing the correct method is important. Make an effort to keep all messages sincere while still spreading the word about your company. We hope that this guide gave you inspiration. While it may seem like time is closing in, you still have time to make the perfect gesture this holiday season.

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