Video and Screenshare as an Engagement Channel
November 23, 2021

Video and Screenshare as an Engagement Channel

Companies in today’s digital age tend to focus on a specific set of digital channels for their customer communications. Email, contact forms, and call center outreach being the most common among others. Companies may use additional channels to address customers’ questions and concerns, but people prefer face-to-face communication to build trust, reinforce credibility, and connect with others.

Few would doubt that face-to-face communication is more effective than an email or text, but in a recent study, respondents indicated video conferencing improves communication for 99% of people. The same study reported that 98% of respondents felt video conferencing helped improve relationship-building inside and outside the company.

Video conferencing tools have seen an explosion in growth as more companies allow work-from-home policies and employees are engaging in inter-office meetings through these tools. But while these reside within the business’ tech stack and ecosystem, the B2C relationship can be hindered if agent and customer are not on the same video conferencing tool.

Botsplash provides multi-channel tools for companies needing an omnichannel strategy that can keep customers and conversations together. Customers are given the option to engage on the channel of their choice. During the conversation, the business agent can start a video chat without the customer needing to download an independent tool. If the customer is using their phone to text, that text session can quickly and seamlessly become a voice call. This could be the first opportunity the company has to build a new relationship with a digital customer.

Additionally, situations can appear where an agent may want to share their screen to walk a customer through a complicated form or to provide additional information about a product or service. Botsplash makes it easy for the customer and the agent by allowing them to see the same screen. This eliminates frustration when walking through instructions or when not able to share documents, though Botsplash gives users the ability to do that too.

When used as part of an omnichannel strategy, video conversations and screensharing can enhance the relationship between company and client. Botsplash is a true omnichannel engagement platform allowing companies the ability to effectively build trust, make the business process easier, and create better experiences for all. For an in-depth demonstration or for any questions, please reach out to us. We will show you how Botsplash truly allows you to "be where your customers are".

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