Why a Mobile App Is a Must Have for Top-of-Funnel Sales
September 21, 2021

Why a Mobile App Is a Must Have for Top-of-Funnel Sales

Connectivity. With a smart phone in hand, it is almost second nature nowadays to instantly connect with businesses and enterprises from a consumer standpoint. Statista shows that in 2021, the number of smartphone users in the world is roughly 3.2 billion people. So it goes without question that application programs, or mobile apps on smartphones, are experiencing a booming industry that only places mobile apps on the forefront of connectivity.

Mobile apps are synonymous with smartphones and the number of free and paid mobile app store downloads worldwide from 2011 to 2017 have only been steadily increasing year after year as seen by the Statista reports. This holistically only proves the immense success of mobile app downloads and mobile apps in general.

Operating a smartphone without any apps is pretty much unheard of in our day and age of the smartphone, so it is only logical for mobile apps to also be useful for the individuals on the other side of the consumer divide – the business and sales side of things. Mobile apps for one’s smartphone now act as business or product portals for consumers to access and interact with in the palm of their hand. This blog will delve into why a mobile app is a must-have for top-of-funnel sales.

Top of the Funnel. If you’re in business and sales, you know all too well about the top of the funnel. It is the start of a salesperson’s sales process, their sales cadence. The goal is simple – to increase reach and awareness. At the top of the funnel, consumers are just looking to get information about a product or service they may end up wanting to purchase. So a salesperson wants to make sure that a consumer has the best tools available to make purchasing decisions and one such tool is a sales-focused mobile app. This type of app, separate from musical streaming and video apps such as Spotify or YouTube, focused on helping salespeople do what they do best - building relationships.

A salesperson will proceed to fill their sales cadence with individuals (or leads) they would like to be able to speak to and ultimately sell to. When the salesperson finds such leads, finds their contact information, and is ready to start reaching out to them, they are essentially putting these leads at the top of their sales funnel. It is the goal of the salesperson to take that lead from top of the sales funnel and hopefully get them to agree to a call in which the lead moves further down the funnel. An opportunity can present itself for the salesperson to make the sale, effectively moving the lead from the top of the funnel all the way down to the bottom. This in turn causes the lead to be re-classified as an actual customer or client of the salesperson.

So, in an age where communication is instant and technology dominates the business landscape, what can one do to ascertain a successful top-of-funnel sales cadence? Well one solution is to employ and utilize a sales-focused mobile app. Mobile apps have become the portals of modern-day business in which consumers at the palm of their hands can gain access and involvement to enterprises and businesses. Strategic uses of sales-focused mobile apps can help any salesperson guide their prospect to becoming a client.

Botsplash, a leading provider in omni-channel engagement communications, offers its platform not only as a single sign-on desktop browser portal, but also as a mobile app.

Botsplash App On Phone

With the Botsplash mobile app, users are able to utilize the Botsplash digital messaging system at their fingertips and never lose track of any conversions, inbound or outbound. Take mortgage loan officers for example - avid users of the Botsplash platform - they are able to have Botsplash on their smartphones, so whenever a chat, call, SMS text, or outreach via Facebook Messenger or Google Business Messenger is funneled into the Botsplash platform, it is synched to the mobile app as well. A lead of theirs is now a top-of-funnel lead that is facilitated through the use of the Botsplash app. That lead can now enjoy a hassle-free and consumer-friendly communication experience with their mortgage loan officer all the while the loan officer enjoys a hassle-free and consumer-friendly top-of-funnel experience.

If you’d like to know more about the Botsplash platform and its mobile application, feel free to contact us or schedule a no-obligation demonstration of our platform.

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