Why Zephyr Scale?
December 14, 2021

Why Zephyr Scale?


At Botsplash, we’ve continued to grow as a company. As we build out new features and improve our platform for clients, we also noticed a need to improve our test management software. A flexible, easy to use, and efficient platform is important when choosing a test management platform, and that’s why we chose Zephyr Scale.

Easy to Use

Zephyr integrates very nicely with JIRA making it easy to navigate for our entire team. All of our test cases are in one place which makes it simple for both the developers and the QA team to view. Test cases can easily be added to JIRA tickets which simplifies tracking requirements. We also have the option to organize tests into libraries and reuse them across multiple releases, projects and sprints. All in all, the ability to perform a number of test management activities all in one place has made this such a beneficial tool for us.

Test Cycles and Regression

Test cycles in Zephyr have simplified regression testing for our team. The ability to group test cases into one cycle eliminates the trouble of searching for them individually as part of a regression. In the case of lengthy test cycles with a large number of test cases, Zephyr provides the option to assign tests to multiple testers, breaking down the cycle into manageable portions. As we continue to learn and grow with Zephyr, this feature will be vital in completing regression testing in an efficient manner.

Test Executions and Reporting

Test executions are simply the process of following test steps, supplying the test data needed, and determining if the behavior meets expected results. Prior to getting started with Zephyr, we did not have a process for showing our test executions in test cases. Now, we have the option to display our test executions right from JIRA tickets. This is very useful especially for our development team in the event that they are assisting with testing. Zephyr also takes these test executions and converts them into reports, which have a number of uses. Here at Botsplash, we plan to use them for UAT reporting.

Test executions are easily viewed from JIRA tickets


Overall, Zephyr Scale has been a great tool for our entire tech team. Having tickets and test cases in the same environment has made it very easy to see the software development process from start to finish and everything in between. For QA, this tool has improved our process and made it more efficient. We’re excited about what more we can accomplish using Zephyr!

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