Chat Smarter with Botsplash - The ChatSmart Alternative

Self-described as “the most advanced live chat in automotive,” Gubagoo certainly has become a leading provider of conversational commerce solutions for automotive dealerships. Gubagoo’s live chat software, ChatSmart, aims to make it easy for customers to connect with dealerships, boost online lead conversion and increase customer experience.

Gubagoo’s omni-channel live messaging service connects consumers to dealerships through live dealer chat, text, and more. It attempts to convert high quality leads and appointments for dealerships, but limitations as seen in the comparison table below keep ChatSmart from delivering a live chat messaging software that truly puts consumer and enterprise at the communicative forefront. The digital messaging platform from Botsplash seeks to address this limitation through its wide array of offerings.

The objective of Botsplash is to help you be where your customers are and that resonates through the capabilities of the platform. Simple things such as notifications can make the difference between a received call and a lost sale, so it would seem only natural that a live chat messaging system offers a robust and sound notification system to alert its users of all communications from consumers. ChatSmart has witnessed missing notifications leading to disappointed users and migrating users as well, as they want a live chat messaging system that can and will notify them of all incoming communication. The Botsplash digital messaging system is coupled with notification system that ensures that no conversation gets lost.

While ChatSmart's live messaging system seems like a good solution, what does it offer to the marketers of its user base? Mass texting features for promotional purposes is not supported by ChatSmart and that is but one more aspect of revenue-generation and business growth that is supported by the Botsplash digital messaging platform. The Botsplash platform allows marketers to use the system to generate mass SMS campaigns and run those campaigns to maintain a consistent and clean channel of communication with their potential and existing customers. Moreover, where Botsplash sets itself apart from its competitors is that Botsplash measures spam rates and performs status checks. Clients of Botsplash have seen an increase in text delivery rates go from 70% to over 90%. More than just a live (and automated) chat system, Botsplash offers something for the marketing departments and a platform that extends their ability to conduct marketing campaigns and increase clientele.

Which is right for your business?
Live Chat features
Offline Form
File Transfers
Secured Encryption
Encrypted incoming and outgoing messages as well as authenticated web chat option
Automated Chat Functionality
Including self serve knowledge base and bot flows
Geo Targeting
Canned Responses
Individual and company-wide
Reports & Analytics
Customizable reports available
Mobile App
Screen Share/Video Chat
Directly from web chat widget
Routing and Distribution Capabilities
Based on agent, team, visitor channel, and more
Multi-Agent Group Chat
One primary assigned and unlimited secondary
Transfer Conversations
Web Chat Widget Customization
Design, placement, flow, and more
Cloud Hosted
Open API
Devices supported
For your business
Pricing Model
Monthly pricing
Monthly pricing (flat + seat based) that is customized for business needs
Business Size
Phone, email, live chat
Phone, email, dedicated Client Success Specialist for your platform admin, and 24 hour response guarantee
Help Guides
Video Guides/Tutorials
Case Studies

Communication is a two-way street, regardless of whether it is analog or digital. The Botsplash platform is built upon this premise and wants to facilitate two-way communication and offer clients and consumers an entire highway system to best fit the analogy.

Botsplash has its platform in the automotive dealership industry as well. From actual car dealerships to automotive business development centers, the digital messaging platform from Botsplash helps with company growth. It assists in broader outreach and propels its automotive client enterprises to constantly be in touch with their customers, thereby increasing digital engagement and fostering customer experiences.

Check out the rest of the Botsplash website and LinkedIn page to l about Botsplash and experience next-generation innovation in consumer communication and digital engagement. Botsplash – Be where your customers are.

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