2021 Results Are In: This is How Many People Are Using Webchat...

Hi I’m Willem Osuch, Business Development Manager at Botsplash and it’s no secret that web chat offers an easy way for your customers to reach you right on your website, but is it rising in popularity or dominated by other channels?

Well, up to 75% of people in the U.S. prefer live chat over any other channel. In fact, they find live chat to be the most satisfactory form of communication with a company today.

Over 51% of U.S. customers want businesses to be available 24/7, so it’s apparent that consumers are finally harnessing the power of communicating with businesses on their own terms and businesses themselves have started to notice.

It’s no surprise then that the global live chat software market is expected to grow to almost $1 billion dollars by 2023.

So when you and your business are considering ways to improve your customer engagement and service, consider web chat. It may very well be the answer to getting more opportunities to unfold for you and your company.

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