ABC - Always Be Communicating

The movie Glengarry Glen Ross popularized the phrase Always Be Closing which focused only on closing the sale. But today’s customer is wary of pushy sales people. Is ABC still the way to go? Let’s talk about it. Hi, I’m Bruce Walker, and you’re watching Botsplash TV.

In today’s challenging market, your customers and prospects need help more than anything else. Instead of being focused on the sale, focus on the customer instead. Always Be Communicating is a slight shift in the mantra but it changes how you view the customer and their needs.

Every step through your sales cycle is an opportunity. Always keep your lines of communication open. It’s easy to follow a prospect on LinkedIn and see what challenges their company is seeing. Find an article or post that addresses their situation and share it with them.

Be helpful. Consider sharing a job posting to your network. Or share their posts to your network. The ways you help indirectly can be as important as the way you help directly.

Channels of communication are important too. There are many ways you can communicate, phone, email, text, instant messaging, and more. It’s important to find the channel that works for your prospect or customer.

ABC can have multiple meanings in sales. Always Be Communicating is a great way to put the customer first. And you can dive further with A—Always keep your lines of communication open. B—Be helpful. And C—Channels of communication are important.

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