Automated vs. Live Chat

Automated chat or an actual person? Hello everyone, I’m Willem Osuch, welcoming you to an episode of Botsplash.TV where we’ll examine how automated chat and live agents differ and complement each other within customer engagement.

Automation thrives in predictive circumstances. Scenarios that are repetitive or demand the same responses are best left for automation as it will be more accurate and error-free than human interaction.

However, providing live agent support builds personal agent/client relationships and aids in overall customer retention.

Botsplash aims at combining both experiences through its chatbot. Automated text prompts allow consumers to engage with the chatbot by themselves, answering questions and providing information before passing it on to a live agent, when the consumer is ready to engage with an actual person.

If you use chat deployments on your website or on other channels for your business needs, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

Thank you all for watching Botsplash.TV, I’m Willem Osuch.