Botsplash 2022 Year in Review

2022 is almost over and what a year it has been for Botsplash! Hi, my name is Willem Osuch and welcome to a special end of year recap episode of Botsplash.TV.

This year, Botsplash added new features to our omnichannel customer engagement platform such as milestones, expanded notification options, token replacements for canned messages, and most notably, Bookme.

With Bookme, users of Botsplash can now use this appointment-scheduling app to better connect with their leads and contacts and set up future meetings with them.

Botsplash also gained new clients this year within the mortgage industry despite an admittedly turbulent year for the industry and continued improving solutions for existing clients. Moreover, Botsplash took the opportunity this year to venture into new industries such as solar and insurance.

In terms of recognition, 2022 was huge for Botsplash. Founder and CEO Aru Anavekar was awarded the 2022 Women in Business Award by the Charlotte Business Journal.

Additionally, Botsplash was named a co-winner in the inaugural LendingTree Summit Innovation Challenge for the presentation of our platform as well as being recognized as one of the most relevant pieces of technology to utilize for customer engagement in the mortgage industry today.

2022 was a big year of Botsplash’s social media presence as well. Our LinkedIn page reached over 2000 followers and our reach and engagement has been flourishing. This is evident by our marketing team’s continued efforts on our other social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

Botsplash also hosted a series of webinars this year with two open-house demo webinars that explored our platform and features to the delight of existing and prospective clients.

A final third webinar this year was a panel discussion featuring some of the top customer engagement experts in the industry today.

Botsplash simply could not have achieved all these accomplishments without the continued support of our clients, users, and partners.

From all of us here at Botsplash, thank you so much for putting your trust in our omnichannel customer engagement platform and in our team.

I’m Willem Osuch, thank you for watching this special end of year recap episode of Botsplash.TV and have a happy New Year’s!