Botsplash Feature #44 - Email Chat Transcripts

Having the ability to go through an entire chat conversation history can provide a much-needed peace of mind for businesses’ compliance and legal teams. This is Willem Osuch, welcoming you to another edition of Botsplash.TV.

The Botsplash omnichannel engagement platform allows its users to email full or partial chat conversations to each other and their consumers to provide a transparent overview of everything that has been said throughout their interactions.

If a Botsplash user is on the move and has engaged with a lead through multiple communication channels such as text, web chat, emailing, and more, the conversation is distributed across these channels.

Therefore, when the lead asks the user to see something they wrote in the web chat portion of their conversation, the Botsplash user can share recent conversations with a client across all the communication channels they’ve interacted on with just one click. This in turn makes it easy for compliance and legal teams to review past conversations.

Botsplash’s feature of emailing chat transcripts is but one of the many ways Botsplash tries to make the most out of any conversation a user has with a lead of theirs.

This has been Botsplash.TV. I’m Willem Osuch, thanks for watching.