Botsplash Feature #76 - Lead Reassignment

Today, we’re going to talk about a feature in the Botsplash platform called “lead reassignment”. We’ll talk about what it is, why it’s used, and why it so popular! Hi, my name is Bruce Walker and you’re watching Botsplash TV.

There are times when a lead comes in and for any one of a variety of reasons, it needs to be reassigned.

In mortgage, maybe the customer is in a state the LO is not licensed in and needs to be transferred to an appropriate representative.

In automotive, perhaps a customer has a question about buying a new car after chatting with their service representative.

Or perhaps the agent is on vacation? They might transfer their leads to a colleague so they can take some time off and have peace of mind that the customer will betaken care of.

These are just a few examples of lead reassignment use cases and there are many, many more. In each case, when the lead is transferred, all conversations, notes and documents are passed along. In some instances, the original agent on the chat can stay attached to the conversation and continue to follow the customer journey which can be a huge benefit for training.

This is just one of the many unique features the Botsplash platform offers. To stay up to date on everything Botsplash, be sure to hit subscribe and we’ll help you be where your customers are!