Botsplash Feature - Mute & Pause

You are using the Botsplash omnichannel customer engagement platform and you’re experiencing a heavy influx of leads and messages. What can you do? Hi, I’m Willem Osuch, welcome to Botsplash.TV and today, I’ll be going over the mute conversations and pause leads features in the Botsplash platform.

When a Botsplash user such as a mortgage loan officer or automotive sales representative is talking to a lead through Botsplash, the user will be notified when the leads submit a message. However, if a lead constantly messages the user, thereby notifying them of every single message submission, Botsplash offers its users the ability to mute and unmute notifications to control the flow of notifications coming in.

Similarly, Botsplash offers its users the ability to pause leads or rather to accept or not accept new visitors. This feature has been put in place to meet the requests of its users who wish to be able to control their own flow of inbound leads if they’re already working with enough leads.

These two simple features provide a peace of mind for users of Botsplash as well as giving them control over their operations and engagements with their leads. If you’d like to know more about certain features of the Botsplash platform, check us out on our website I’m Willem Osuch, thanks for tuning in.