First-Party Consent on a Third-Party Site

Many businesses rely on inbound lead generators, also referred to as affiliate marketing sites to generate prospective customers (or leads) for their businesses. This in turn opens the discussion about consent and the parties involved. I’m Willem Osuch, this is Botsplash.TV where I’ll be going over first-party consent on third-party sites.

Contact information for leads businesses rely on are shared with the business through an application programming interface post to their client relationship management software or other approved methods of lead acceptance.

The risk a lead buyer faces is not having clarity into the actual origination of the lead. The actual lead may have started off at multiple layers of branded websites before they came in as a lead into the business’ CRM.

So, will it be possible to get first-party consent on a third-party site? A form filled on a marketplace gives the marketplace the consent to contact the lead. While a disclosure may be put in place to accept consent on behalf of the lead buyer, it is NOT the buyer business’ website or asset that the lead is exclusively signing up to connect with or receive inbound outreaches from.

Hope that this has shed some light on consent in terms of customer engagement and outreach. I’m Willem Osuch, thanks for watching Botsplash.TV.