Google's Business Messaging

Speak to your customers as they discover your business! Google My Business Messaging enables consumers to directly chat with businesses from Google’s search results page. Hello and welcome to Botsplash.TV, I’m Willem Osuch.

Google My Business or GMB Messaging was launched by Google in 2017 using SMS in which consumers could send a text that would appear on the GMB account dashboard. By 2019, Google replaced the SMS messaging with an Instant Messaging layout and the rest is history.

With GMB Messaging, consumers can Google a business and directly chat with that business from the search results page. On that very first page are four Call-to-Action buttons, where one can call, get directions, or visit the business’ website. The fourth call-to-action enabled by GMB is the chat call-to-action. This is the call-to-action consumers can engage and directly get in contact with a business’ representative.

Botsplash was one of the first companies to partner with Google in beta-testing the GMB functionality. With Botsplash’s integration with GMB, consumers that engage with businesses using the chat call-to-action will now be funneled through Botsplash, giving businesses another avenue of lead generation to utilize.

I’m Willem Osuch and this has been Botsplash.TV.