How to Contact Prospects

You’re in sales. You need to make sales to drive revenue for your company, so you need to reach out to prospects. But how do you contact prospects? Hi, I’m Willem Osuch and in this week’s episode of Botsplash.TV, I’ll be providing an overview of contacting prospects.

A prospect is an individual you feel would be a fit for whatever service or product your company offers. A cold prospect is someone you’ve never had any contact with ever and a warm prospect may be someone you’ve connected with on LinkedIn or have some other form of connection.

Regardless of whether a prospect is cold or warm, the outreach methods are pretty much still the same. You as a salesperson want to pick up the phone to cold call, that is call these prospects and see if you can get a conversation out of them. Alternatively, emailing is a powerful tool to get in touch with someone where you can write personalized messages based on certain characteristics belonging to your prospects.

In-Person meetings through such means as conferences and meet-ups are also great ways to contact your prospects because you get to leave your prospects with a memory of yourself, something that may come in handy at a later outreach to strike up a connection or relation.

I hope this prospecting overview is helpful. I’m Willem Osuch, thank you for watching Botsplash.TV, see you next time.